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10 Secret Interior Design Tips from the Experts for 2020

Interior Design Tips 2020

People who have a natural eye for interior design have a lot of secrets that can easily elevate your home. Whether you are looking for some budget-friendly décor hacks or changing little details that people usually overlook, these interior design experts can help you turn your expectations into a reality. If you cannot figure out what is missing in your gallery wall or afraid you used too much color, this article is for you.

Top interior design tips from the experts

1.    Find inspiration in your daily life

When you visit the experts at Charlotte Interior designers, the first thing they will do is learn about you. This approach allows them to create a plan that is centered on the homeowner’s lifestyles and tastes. That way, the interior design ends up being a game-changer. According to these experts, one of the essential steps in creating a rich and nuanced home that reflects on the life of the homeowner is drawing inspiration from the things they like. Inspiration also comes from the items you have collected over the years. The result is a well-designed piece that is high in quality and comfort.

2.    The quick fix

There are a lot of well-designed wallpapers that come at low prices and high quality. These wallpapers are worlds apart from the heritage heirlooms, which you should hold out on, especially if you are working on a budget. Instead, wallpapers can be quite resourceful and easily blend with the furniture, craftsmanship, and composition of your space. Besides, wallpaper can also act as a quick fix to cover up faults on your wall and dull spaces. However, you should not force it.

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3.    Please do not force it

Interior design Charlotte experts will tell you that creating a well-designed home will not happen overnight. It takes a sensible amount of patience and persistence to achieve long-term success. There is no way to be successful without experimentation. If you rush the process or force designs to your space, then you will end up with a haphazardly designed home, which you will not be too happy about. Hence, take your time while engaging the experts, and above all, remember to enjoy the process.

4.    Be creative

Creativity is not something reserved for experts who usually come up with compelling décor plans. Everyone can be creative, especially with interior design. In fact, some of the best interior design hacks are all too easy and obvious. The secret lies in understanding that every space has its distinct characteristics. Your most challenging project might need you to be creative in finding a solution by careful consideration, planning, and improvisation.

5.    Questioning the sofa

This is an area where most homeowners get wrong. Ask any interior designer, and they will confirm to you that there is an unwritten rule stating that you do not need a sofa in the living room. If you want an intimate setting for your living room, then you are encouraged to use upholstered chairs instead. These seats are more intimate and encourage conversation between guests and hosts. Besides, leaving out a sofa for the living room allows you a degree of flexibility.

6.    The advantages of art for everyone

Expressive art is more important than you think about your home. Art lends a sense of life and energy to your living space. Besides, art can also be an excellent conversation starter, so you’d better invest your time and money on a deserving piece. Moreover, this piece needs to be unique to your home to provide a striking visual effect.

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7.    Built on the intimacy

The best-kept secret for interior design success is encouraging intimacy between guests. This secret involves creating conversation areas that are inviting and boost comfort to encourage your guests to interact. The best interior designers use the so-called triangle pattern that keeps the conversation in circulation because no one is cut off.

8.    Build on your architecture

Interior design and construction experts both agree that one of the most common blunders made by clients is that they go against the architecture of the home. Hence, instead of celebrating and highlighting the architecture, homeowners end up forcing designs on their space. This character-defining element ends up ruining the visual appeal of the home.

9.    Create height and depth in your living space

There is a joy in letting natural or artificial light dominate your space. Instead of blocking the sunlight, you should use sheer curtains to bring the light into the home. You can also use ample lighting fixtures and a mirror to make your home look more than its worth. Having light into every corner of your home is better than living in a dark and stuffy space.

10. Use texture

Add texture to your living space. This is the greatest secret interior designers have been keeping from you. You can add color close to each other in pattern formation. That will create a design that is your own instead of using generic ideas from hotel accommodations.

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