5 Reasons Why Should Get an Automatic Watch

Automatic Watch

An automatic watch is a piece of art and an engineering marvel that doesn’t require batteries to function. Most automatic or mechanical watches are sold for higher prices due to the time-consuming labor to make these timepieces. Expert watchmakers often handcraft mechanical watches, using traditional watchmaking practices. Have you ever thought about owning an automatic watch? If not, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting an automatic watch. 

1. Never Go Out of Style 

Technology has redefined our lives in almost every aspect, including how we tell time. Smartwatches are useful and come with numerous features. However, wearing an automatic watch is a fashion that has not been replaced by modern technology. Even when quartz watches revolutionized wristwatches, mechanical watches soon re-emerged in the market, capturing a prominent place in the horological landscape. Since then, the prices and desire for automatic watches have gone up more than ever. 

2. Great Investment 

Mechanical watches like Tufina watches can last more than a lifetime and be passed on to the next generation. The motion of your wrist powers automatic watches, and they can function for decades if cared for correctly. Many mechanical watches are preserved and passed down as heirlooms. Unique luxury watches can even appreciate over time and bring multifold returns. 

3. Eco-Friendly 

Quartz watches use batteries to power their movements, and you need to replace the battery once they expire. Generally, batteries in quartz watches need to be replaced every two to three years, depending on the brand and quality. Batteries can cause environmental damage and will cost you if you have the watch for many years. Mechanical watches don’t need batteries as the motion of your hand powers them. 

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4. Quality Craftsmanship 

Making a luxury watch is an art form that involves precise engineering. If you buy an automatic watch, you support a tradition over a century old that continues to evolve today. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish quality timepieces from the hundreds of models available online. So before you make a purchase, read watch reviews like Daniel Wellington reviews and Movado reviews to know a watch’s true value. 

5. Affordability 

There is a massive range of prices for automatic watches. Some luxury watch brands cost exorbitant prices that are not affordable by most people. However, you can easily find quality luxury watches that won’t cost you your life’s savings. For example, some watches from Tufina only cost $350. 

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