5 Tips to Maintain a Mechanical Watch

Many watch enthusiasts have a special love for mechanical watches. Mechanical watches don’t run on batteries. Instead, they’re powered by the mainsprings and the motion of your hand. This type of watch can last for generations if cared for properly. Here are the five tips that you can follow to maintain a mechanical watch and keep it accurate. 

1. Wind It Regularly 

There is a huge fan following for hand-wound watches. If you own a mechanical watch that needs to be manually wound, you should do it every morning. Typically, hand-wound watches can keep the power reserve for two days. To wind the wristwatch, remove it from your wrist and wind it completely. When you feel resistance, stop; otherwise, you may damage the delicate gears inside. 

2. Clean Your Watch Carefully

Wristwatches easily attract dirt and need to be cleaned regularly to be kept in good shape. Use a soft cloth to clean your watch, and avoid using alcohol-based liquids as they can damage the strap and dial. Follow the instructions given by the watch’s manufacturer to clean it safely. You can also read watch reviews like Seiko reviews and Timex reviews to learn more about how watch owners maintain their timepieces. 

3. Keep Away from Magnetic Fields

Mechanical watches are made of components like springs, gears, coils, and lugs. When your watch gets near magnetic fields, it can damage the gears and affect precision. Avoid placing your mechanical watch near electronics that use strong magnets. 

4. Service Your Watch

Mechanical watches contain delicate parts that need to be serviced every three to five years. Don’t open the wristwatch by yourself unless you’re an expert, as the watch contains many small components that are difficult to identify. Take your watch to a professional and get it serviced.  

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5. Avoid Extreme Conditions

Some mechanical watches cannot withstand extremely high or low temperatures. Exposure to these weather conditions can damage the gears. Keep your wristwatch away from moisture and hot places. Also, place your watch in a proper box while it’s not in use. 

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