A guide to Student Life in Dublin

The popularity of Dublin is growing in terms of studying, work and living. Dublin boasts of many excellent universities and colleges. It is a beautiful city with many galleries and museums, most of which are free for visitation. Dublin also has a highly vibrant nightlife which gets a ton of contribution from student hotspots. Many universities and colleges in Dublin also have their cafes, restaurants, bars etc. 

The larger institutions in Dublin are home to many clubs and sports teams where the students can meet up with people who share similar interests.


The accommodation makes up part of the student’s cost of living in any place. Finding affordable and comfortable student accommodation can be a little tricky. However, with just a little bit of persistence and planning, you can find a fantastic place to live at an affordable price.

There are mainly two types of accommodation available in Dublin: in-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. In-campus accommodation is a good option if you are moving out of the house for the first time. However, the rent of the on-campus accommodation tends to be higher, the space might be limited, and you may not find compatible roommates to live with.

On the contrary, if you choose to go for off-campus accommodations, you will have various housing options to choose from, like apartments, homestays, single rooms, whole properties etc. You will have to pay for the heating, electricity, and Internet over and above your rent., But even with all of these put together, there is a higher chance that you may find cheaper student housing in Dublin outside the university campuses. You can choose to stay in homestays if you wish to live with locals, or you can opt for student apartments depending on your preference.

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Suppose you are finding it difficult to get suitable student housing in Dublin. In that case, you can choose to stay in temporary accommodation like guesthouses or hostels till you find a suitable place to rent. Most of the student accommodation in Dublin comes with basic furniture. However, there is no compulsion that the apartment doesn’t need to be furnished. In case you need to buy new furniture, there are second-hand furniture dealers in Dublin.

The rent of your accommodation will vary depending on whether you live alone or with roommates. If you choose to get a roommate, your rent will become much cheaper. If you are looking for low-cost student accommodation Dublin, the best option would be to share a room.

Food and bills

The food cost in Dublin is pretty cheap. Therefore, you will not have to live on a noodles-only diet. There are many stores and supermarkets in Dublin where you can get your groceries and the items needed daily.

The basic utility bills you will have to pay apart from your rent will be your garbage collection, gas, and electricity. There are no charges for the use of domestic water.

Commuting to college

Dublin is well served with public transport. Most of the good universities and colleges are located in the center of the city like Trinity College, Royal College of Surgeons et cetera. Dublin is a walkable city. You can choose to go for student accommodation in Dublin, close to your college campus, so that commuting is easy. You can also choose to get a cycle for yourself and cycle your way to your college. Dublin has buses, trains, taxis for commuting purposes. You can also get a student leap card to make it easier to pay for public transport.

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Once you have your student accommodation in Dublin fixed, the next step is getting a bank account. Get health insurance for yourself as well. If you are a student of a European country and have an S1 certificate, you will get hospital services for free. If you are a non-European student, you will need health insurance because off-campus medical assistance is not covered for free.

After the bank and health insurance, you should get a new sim card, get your phone ready and save the number of emergency services like 112 or 999.

Exploring options in Dublin

There are many options for exploring Dublin. You have two choices: a walking tour or a pub crawl. Since Dublin is a small city, you can easily cover all the interesting neighborhoods within a day. Get a couple of your student friends to come along with you and head over for a stroll in the beautiful city of Dublin.

If you have chosen to go to Dublin for your higher studies, you are in for a treat. This beautiful city provides affordable housing options along with a variety of restaurants and many cheap commuting options to travel back and forth to the University from your residence.