All You Need To Know About Food-Grade Citric Acid: How To Buy In Bulk


Citric acid is one of the most commonly used food additives. Although it was first isolated in 1784 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, it is more popular than ever, especially in the food industry. According to a report, around two million tons of citric acid is produced each year.

However, not all citric acid products on the market are the same and equally effective. If you are thinking of buying citric acid in bulk, you need to do some research to find and get a high quality product for your needs. 

What is Citric Acid?

Different from the traditional methods of producing citric acid, modern food-grade citric acid is made from Aspergillus niger. 

Many times, Aspergillus niger is associated with bad effects like sickness. However, the strain used in citric acid products is safe and useful in many ways. 

Chemically, citric acid can be defined as its chemical formula, dissociation constant, and pH level. Its molecular formula is C6H8O7.

When it comes to appearance, it has white crystalline granularity.

What are the Uses of Citric Acid?

In today’s food industry, citric acid is used in a wide range of products for nutritional additives. It is used as a flavoring and a preservative. Some of the most common use of citric acid in food products are:

  • Beverages like wine, beer, soda, and cider
  • Ice creams, cake mixes, and baked goods
  • Caramel
  • Packaged, canned, and jarred foods
  • Certain cheese products 
  • Frozen foods like fish, crab, and shrimp
  • Processed foods and sweets
  • Baby food products  

How to Buy Citric Acid Online

As discussed, over two million tons of industrial citric acid is produced annually. There are many online stores that enable you to buy citric acid in bulk. However, not all of them provide you with high-quality, food-grade citric acid to use for a range of food supplies. 

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To get the highest quality citric acid product, find a reputed and reliable store online that features a wide range of citric acid products in many product sizes. 

Instead of ordering the first product you come across over the Internet, gather information about a citric acid product to ensure that it matches your requirements. 

A high quality citric acid product is the liquid citric acid solution (50%). It is a white crystalline granular that is soluble in water. Also, if you require the Kosher certificate, ask the store, and it will provide you with the certificate. 

When it comes to stability, the highest quality citric acid is a stable product with non-GMO characteristics. 

Also, if you wish to buy citric acid in bulk, the online store must be able to supply in different quantities, such as 55 lbs, 275 lbs, and others. 


Food-grade citric acid is a safe, high quality, and highly useful product that can be used as preservatives to increase the shelf life. To buy, all you need to do is to find a reputed online store and get the right product for your requirements.

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