6 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby’s First Beach Day Out Enjoyable

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby’s First Beach Day Out Enjoyable

Are you ready for your baby’s first beach experience? Taking a baby to the beach is special and requires planning in advance. You must ensure you pack a beach bag with all the necessary things like sunhat, natural baby wipes, baby swim diapers for the water and diapers for the trip home.  These items will help keep your child safe and healthy this summer with these six beach tips.

Finding shelter

If you’re looking to spend a full day at the beach, find a place in the shade where you can take shelter. Many resorts and private beaches rent cabanas, lounge chairs, and parasols. If you’re going to the local town beach, carry a tent or an umbrella, or place your belongings near a shaded area or a picnic shelter. Your baby’s skin is sensitive and should not be exposed to the sun for a long period of time.

Set a timer for sunscreen

Set the timer on your phone to remind you to reapply sunscreen on your child and yourself. Make sure you cover sensitive and exposed areas like the ears and the back of the neck. Place another timer to remind you to drink water so that you don’t get dehydrated.

Maintaining appropriate hydration

Babies aged between six to eleven months should drink reasonable amounts of water. Nursing is appropriate, but parents should try to increase hydration by 50% on the beach. Use cool water to regulate the temperature of the body. Nursing moms can switch the beach towel with a lightweight swimsuit that is more breathable.

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Dress the baby for a beach day

Taking the baby to the beach is one thing, but making sure your munchkin is comfortable and protected is another ball game. Here’s the checklist-

Swim shirt- The more skin you cover, the better. Find a swim or sun shirt with a minimum of 50 UPF.

Swimsuit- Find your and baby’s matching family swimsuit and maybe even add a little charm along the way.

Sun hat- Shop for a new or used hat that covers your baby’s head well and has a good fit. If the hat is loose and keeps flopping around, your baby might try to pull it off. Make sure the hood of the hat is quite wide in order to cover the ears too.

Baby powder– It removes sand directly from the skin and lessens the diaper rash. A word of caution- babies should not breathe in powder, so a safer alternative could be cornstarch.

Don’t forget the swim diapers

Since diapers are made to absorb liquid, they will swell when your baby is in the water. Baby swim diapers, which are specially made without SAP to avoid absorption that causes swelling, are meant to be used when your baby is in the water. Their sole purpose is to contain your baby’s feces (poop), and prevent any leakage.

Swim diapers are necessary to keep the surrounding water sanitary and void of any bacteria, protecting your baby and others swimmers. You can purchase either reusable or disposable, and if you find a natural disposable swimmy, well that’s a win-win!

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Remember there are public beaches and pools that require babies to wear swim diapers so be prepared, and don’t forget your baby’s diapers, for the trip home.

Use the Baby Blow-up Pool

Unfortunately, a lot of kids are terrified of the sand and the waves. A baby pool is a fun item for your child to keep it cool and entertained. It can help escape direct sunlight when put under the shaded area. The pool provides comfort and safety and allows parents to keep an eye on their children without chasing them down the beach.

Final Thoughts

Taking a baby to the beach is simpler than you might think, and there are a few things that can help make your whole family experience more enjoyable. A few tips and tricks up your sleeve, and you’re all set to have a wonderful day out at the beach. The key is to carry all essential items including sun protection gear and baby swim diapers.




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