Best Free Productivity Tools to Support Your Works


Sustaining high productivity levels can be challenging, but productivity tools come to the rescue. These tools help the process of enhancing efficiency to be more straightforward, whether you’re in the office or working from home. Improve your productivity without paying anything with these free productivity tools online.


Clockify is a time tracker tool that allows you to monitor your time and provide insight into your productivity. This tool comes with a timer mode that will enable you to set a time and keep track of it. You can also set the time manually via manual mode or a timesheet. After you’re done monitoring your time, you’ll be able to determine if you’ve been productive throughout the day or spending too much time on certain tasks.

You may accomplish this by creating and exporting Summary and Detailed Reports on all your work-related and personal actions and then importing the data into other applications for additional analysis. You can also view Weekly Reports, which highlight how often you and your team logged by day, allowing you to determine if you have met your daily and weekly targets.


RescueTime helps in automatically recording the time you spend on your laptop or mobile device doing certain tasks, including browsing specified websites or using specific apps. RescueTime, which runs in the background, silently tracks your activities without becoming a distraction.

This app allows you to set clear goals and alerts, enabling you to create a better working routine. It also lets you observe and keep track of your time when you’re on your electronic devices throughout the day. With that, it can give you a deeper understanding of what you spent most of your time on.

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It’s difficult to comply with the deadlines when you’re dragged away from your “concentration zone“, whether it’s monitoring website statistics or browsing social media. That is where the Freedom app comes in handy. You may use the app to block websites, notifications, and other digital distractions so that your focus remains on your present task.

Freedom is considered one of the best tools as it blocks sites across different platforms. Therefore, you cannot use your phone to get past the blocker on your PC. However, make sure that your teammates are aware that you’ve entered a “distraction-free zone” so they know why you’re not replying to their texts.


It’s excellent to always be accessible for internal conversations with your colleagues and meetings, but being available all the time might reduce productivity tremendously. With the help of 10to8, you may share your availability calendar with everyone and book meetings using its daily appointment planner. Take charge of your time, bid farewell to sporadic distractions, and start getting your tasks done.

Designate the hours you would be available for meetings in 10to8 and who may join you. Using 10to8 as your primary productivity tool would not only save you time, but it will also save you money thanks to its fantastic Free Lifetime Plan.


The Todoist falls in-between time management and to-do lists tools, with a dash of project planning tossed in for an extra effect. Despite covering different genres, the application is simple to use, allowing you to manage several projects and check what you still need to accomplish.

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You will be able to enjoy this app for free, though it restricts you from collaborating with only five individuals and gets about 80 active projects at a time, which should be plenty for most users. Todoist integrates with hundreds of applications and services, incorporating them into your existing workflow.


If you are a gamer and love to be productive and have fun at the same time, then Habitica is the way to go. Habitica allows you to gamify your routines and help you to get things done while having a bit of fun. You can make to-do lists, set daily objectives, and be rewarded for getting it done and crossing them off your list. These awards obtained from completing your daily task will give you access to various in-app features and enable you to level up your character.

The app’s amazing feature is that it adapts to the demands of each user. Habitica appears to have everything, whether you need to monitor your working habits, keep track of your eating habits, or track your exercise objectives. You may also set a challenge for yourself by battling with others to reach your goals by the end of the day.

Streak for Gmail — Email Manager

Handling your emails is often time-consuming and rarely effective, but the Streak for Gmail tool can help you speed up the process. You may use this tool to monitor your emails and check if the recipients have received and viewed them. This tool also helps you to schedule emails, where you can compose emails and have them sent automatically at the scheduled time.

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The ‘snippets’ feature helps you save more time by creating themes and shortcuts for recurring emails. Furthermore, you may send several personalised emails at once with the “Mail Merge” function by leveraging the information from your CSV files.