Books on DevOps You Need to Read

Books on DevOps You Need to Read

As the movement of DevOps started in the year of 2009, this has become quite a wide-ranging topic. In that manner, there are so many queries are arising regarding its meaning, its procedures along with the advantages of DevOps. If a person wants to become successful in the DevOps field as there are continuous repetitions and the making of the software, so the person is required to do their homework. A person should also require keeping their self-updated with the most recent tools and trends of the industry as well as techs so in that case you would be assured that you would turn into a better expert in science and art of the DevOps.

10 Books Every DevOps Enthusiast Must Read

 1. Architecting for Scale: High Availability for Your Growing Applications 

This book is beneficial for that reader who is new in the field or is at mid-level, it offers a clear vision of the paradigms of the actual-world to scale and manage the critical apps. Here, a person can explore 5 other types of aspects that are related to scaling i.e. obtainability, risk-management, facilities and microservices, scaling apps and the services of cloud. Architecting for Scale also offers a great highly levelled outline regarding the best practices and topmost procedures to utilize in the situations of hyper-growth.

2. The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations

Technology Organizations is considered as the most renowned books, the Handbook of DevOps demonstrates the leaders the ways to generate the norms of the culture as well as technical practices which are essential to enhance the learning of organization, ensure the satisfaction of the employee, and get accomplishment in the market. It seems like the most significant book in the community of the DevOps, and a great domain where one can find case studies as well as research too.

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3. Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems

Comparatively, it is easy to read the book, it’s written in a very great manner and offers a great outline of micro-services along with other topics such as team making, enhanced version, logging, observing and many other exciting things. The biographer namely, Sam-Newman, own an ample amount of knowledge and he is having substantial experience in micro service’s domain – so this is the thing which displays in content. On the other side, still, this book is managing to become friendly for the newbies.

4. DevOps for Web Development

It combines the services of website app deployment and the configuration of the system with easiest descriptions for end-to-end mechanization (along with a great number of screenshots). DevOps for Web Development would assist you to overwhelm with the contests to implement the DevOps website apps. This book can be easily read as well as comprehend by the readers, it’s a must-have for the engineers of system or for the app developers who want to get expertise on the tools i.e. Nagios, New Relic, Azure, AWS, Docker, Chef, or Jenkins.

5. Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud

It’s a roundup of the field’s topmost exercise regarding the cloud mechanization, substructure and the DevOps, this is the book which is very comprehensively written. A person would learn regarding different forums along with tools that are involving in the generation and organizing substructure features, designs which are being utilized. However, such tools, along with the practices to make the substructure like a code-work in your specific setting. 

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6. Effective DevOps

It is a practical guide which is showing you the reasons that DevOps is a specialized and traditional movement which is calling for the modification from inside of your enterprise. It provides numerous methods to improve the partnership with their members of the team, promotes well-organized usage of the tools, and measures the best suitable techniques that are effective. The book of Effective DevOps associates the traditional and technical features of DevOps in a great way which would assist you to make justifiable alterations within the environment.

7. Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems

On Amazon it is considered as the topmost sellers – as well as the most renowned one in the marketplace – the focus of this book is on what ways Site-Reliability-Engineering is being utilized by the Google to generate, make deployment and maintain few of the biggest system of software in this universe. The great thing in this book is; you are not required to read the book in any specific sequence because each chapter is based on independent topics.

8. Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation 

It is guiding on the ways to release the software in the quickest mode and at the same time minimizing the risks and increase the excellence, it encompasses the great techniques as well as easiest tactics for the release along with the production placement organization. This book covers advanced practices and links the main concerns, topmost procedures and risk-management; it’s a good opportunity for those who want to generate a great placement pipeline and the delivery eco-system.

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9. The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

The Phoenix Project is an exclusive piece in the DevOps field; it’s a novelized domain of DevOps in actual. In such a rapid-paced and pleasurable manner, this book conveys such a story which can be understandable by any person in the IT and they get connected with it. Even though it is fictionalized, it would assist the readers to acquire the ways to enhance their organizations of IT and assist them to review the IT in totally the newest model.

10. The Visible Ops Handbook

This book was transcribed four years earlier than the terminology of DevOps was developed; it highlights the high-performances of Information Technology. So this is the reason it is essential to read it. This book offers organizations along with 4 main phases to duplicating the main procedures of such highly performed organization.


Certainly, continuously upgrading your knowledge and abilities is invaluable – whether a person is searching to get employed in a highly paid job, or else solely wanting to become the great DevOps expert. Despite everything, not a single person desire to keep working with those persons who are not aware of the things on which they are already discussing. Therefore, whether a person is new in the field or owning Certified Agile Coaching Practitioner (CACP) certification, the above-mentioned lists of books are highly recommended – DevOps devotee must give a thorough look on account to enhance the skills.