How To Treat Anxiety by Changing Your Daily Routine?

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Many people around the world suffer from anxiety and depression. Most of the time, this condition occurs due to sleeplessness or unwanted incident. Healthy sleep causes positive effects on the human body, whereas sleep disruption causes mental health problems. Interruption in sleep or less sleepiness is a common problem in people of every age. These problems in sleep can cause stress, anxiety and depression. According to a survey, more than 40 millions of Americans say that they don’t have enough sleep or experience long-term sleep disorder.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues I the world. Only in the US, more than 18% of adults are affected by an anxiety disorder each year. In anxiety, the individuals experience fear and worries which can worsen over time.

Furthermore, there are much other anxiety-related disorder. In this condition, the symptoms might overlap with other diseases. However, in most of the cases, the nervousness, fear and stress cause a negative impact on a person’s ability to do tasks.

Tips to improve sleep quality

Most of the problems occur due to restlessness and poor sleep quality. To treat this disorder, you need to get uninterrupted sleep at night.

Stick to a schedule

Sticking to a schedule, keep your circadian cycle active. When you stick to a proper schedule, sleep and wake up at the same time, you will not feel laziness. Even on off days, or weekends you need to stick your schedule.

Foods and drinks

You need to be careful in your diet. As you know, there are many foods which contain a handsome amount to caffeine in them. If you take these foods or drinks right before going to bed, you might also experience sleeplessness.

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Furthermore, you should also avoid coffee, tea, and chocolates before going to bed. Alcohol can make you awaken for al night. You don’t need to take the alcohol after evening.

Avoid excessive light

After going to bed, avoid light. You should know that excessive light can cause sleeplessness. You should also avoid screens of mobile or laptops. You can also use other mobile apps to reduce blue light.

Warm bath

A warm bath before going to bed can help you to increase sleep quality and duration. A warm bath can relax the nerves and muscles and produces calming effects. As a result, of individual feel sleepiness.


If you still experience anxiety and depression due to sleeplessness, you can take medications. Sleeping pills can also help you to increase your sleep duration. You can also buy diazepam tablets online to increase the calmness.

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