Different Ways To Connect With Wifi Extender Setup?

Wifi Extender

The easiest To expand the WiFi spectrum, you can connect an extender to your existing wireless router as a range companion. Ok, if you’re a new customer and you don’t know how to place wifi extender at right spot. Let’s read further and find out how you can set up a new wifi range extender by following the given instruction below-mentioned:

To Start the Wifi Extender Setup, follow the procedure:

  • pull out your wifi extender and plug-in into a power supply.
  • After it starts, use the wireless network to link it to your laptop or smartphone.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to develop a connection.
  • You will see that the LED on the extender would signify a connection when you do that.
  • You will then log-in to your browser on your device and access them offline setup tab.
  • You can locate it through www.mywifiext.net or simply by entering the extender’s IP address i.e
  • The extender’s IP address can be found on the box and extender.
  • After that, you will be allowed to put in the default admin name and password.
  • You will connect your router after you have successfully signed in by filling in the information, such as the SSID and password.
  • This will program your wifi extender to connect and see the network to your router.

You can still reset the extender and reprogram it from the beginning when you enter incorrect router information.


Ap.Setup is an offline web page where you can set up your Wifi extender within a few minutes of any brand fairly quickly. If you want to improvise the wireless setting of the extender, you can do the same by Ap Setup on the dashboard. Next time, browse your router’s allocated extender IP address to connect to your extender’s configuration tab. After configuration, at the original bandwidth of the router, you can access the Internet from any corner of your home.

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Wifi Extender

Configure the browser’s Comfast Extender

Although the setup is very basic, it can be difficult for users to do so for the first time. To ease the process, please go through the two following way.

Wireless Protected Setup or W.P.S:

  • Attach the comfort extender to a reliable electricity supply and make sure that the indicator turns steady.
  • Click the router’s WPS button. Click and hold the WPS button at the same time usually designed on the front side of the extender) before the indicator begins flashing on the extender.
  • Once the light on the repeater turns solid, this ensures the effective setup.
  • To make repeater adjustments after configuration, log in to the router and search for the IP address of the repeater on the dashboard of the router.
  • Use the default password to browse the IP address and log in.
  • Select the appropriate wireless name in the configuration wizard. You should change your credentials later on.

Set up Victony Extender in Repeater Mode

In this mode, large areas can be protected by the speed of the Internet overriding the limit of the router.

  • Link the user to the same wireless network as the extender is attached to.
  • Browse the URL for ap.setup/login. Sign in with the usual credential and select the repeater mode on the configuration wizard.
  • Pick your WiFi and use the password of the router.
  • Adjust the SSID later. Adjust the adjustments and attach your computer to the latest extender SSID.

Wavlink Extender Setup Configuration

Extenders belonging to the Wavlink brand help to extend the network reach and increase the overall efficiency of the wireless network. They work better for the 2.4-5GHz WiFi band and increase the bandwidth to 300Mbps, eliminating interference. They are compatible with any wireless computer, whether it be a laptop, tablet or cell phone. Because of their miniature design, you can take one of these extenders with you everywhere you go.

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To configure the Wavlink Extender using Ap.Setup, go through the following steps:

  • Plug your extender to a power switch.
  • Switch to the extender in the repeater mode(switch to the repeater side on the repeater side.
  • Now, switch on a wireless computer and connect it to a network extender called ‘Wireless-N,’ you won’t need a password to connect for the first time.
  • Go to your tab and check for http:/ap.setup.
  • Login with the default “admin” login for both the username and password.
  • Then follow the steps carefully as instructed to execute the setup.

Configuring the WiFi Extender with the Ethernet cable:

  • Browse the URL or form IP address
  • Login to the Victony Extender Configuration Wizard by default.
  • Choose the mode in which you want to customise the extender: repeater or extender and obey the prompts on the computer.