DM Full Form: History, Responsibilities and Roles

dm full form

DM full form

District Magistrate, District Magistrate is a person accountable for a region, which is the smallest authoritative element in a district. DM is the shortened form utilized for District Magistrate. In a few Indian states, they are otherwise called District Collectors or Deputy Commissioners. The contractions DM or DC are ordinarily used to allude to them.

Short FormDM
DefinitionDistrict Magistrate
CategoryPolitical, Governmental

What is a DM:

The district’s chief executive is The Collector and they are also known as the  District Magistrate or DM. DM full form is District Magistrate. He is accountable for guaranteeing that the district’s organization moves along as planned and proficiently. In India, the district is the main authoritative unit. He is the District Magistrate, and he is accountable for the rule of law, just as the police and indicting organizations. He is the locale’s most elevated income legal power and is the top official of the income organization. He is additionally liable for the assortment of land income.

History Of The Post Of DM:

The British Raj left behind an arrangement of district organizations in India. District Collectors were individuals from the Indian Civil Service accountable for observing the overall organization of the region. Warren Hastings presented the job of District Collector in the Judicial Plan of 1772. The superintendent of police (SP), the inspector general of jails, the surgeon general, the divisional forest officer (DFO), and the Executive Engineer PWD needed to report each action in their specializations to the authority (EE). Until the last part of the 1800s, no locals were permitted to become district collectors. Following the beginning of open competitive examinations for the Indian Civil Service, the occupation was made accessible to locals. Earlier District collectors were known as diwan in British rule.

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District Magistrate Roles And Responsibilities:

  1. Conducts chief judge’s criminal court.
  2. Peace and lawfulness should be kept up with.
  3. The police’s directions.
  4. Direct authoritative requests and oversee subordinate leader magistracy.
  5. Direct authoritative requests and oversee subordinate leader magistracy.
  6. Hearing cases under the Criminal Procedure Code’s preventive segment.
  7. Management of penitentiaries and affirmation of the death penalty executions.
  8. Police headquarters, correctional facilities, and adolescent foundations in the area were completely examined.
  9. Giving convicts parole orders.
  10. Arms and ammo licenses are conceded under the Arms Act.
  11. Readies a rundown of possibility for public examiners and extra open investigators in conference with the locale’s meeting judge.
  12. Catastrophic events like floods, starvations, and pestilences require debacles from the executives.
  13. Overseeing emergencies like mobs or outer assaults.
  14. Worries about youngster work and reinforced work.

Some Most famous DM in Indian Administration System:

  • Kumar Ravi, District Magistrate Patna
  • Shalini Agarwal Collector Baroda
  •  Kaushal Raj Sharma, District Magistrate, Varanasi 
  •  Pradeep Gupta, DM Ludhiana
  •  Suhas LY, DM Noida 
  •  Rajendra Bhatt, District Magistrate, Bhilwara 
  •  Balwant Singh, DM Puri
  • K Vijender Pandian, District Magistrate, Gorakhpur
  • Dr Brijmohan Mishra, District Magistrate Delhi (South)
  • Naval Kishore Ram DM Pune
  •  Mukta Arya, District Magistrate, Howrah
  •  C. Ravi Shankar, District Magistrate, Haridwar

Who is the first DM in India?

Romesh Chandra Dutt

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Some Most famous DM in Indian Administration System:

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