Do You Make These Simple Mistakes in Kraft Boxes?

kraft boxes

Packaging and shipping is the most critical part of any business. Whether the company is small or large, it needs to pack and deliver the product safely to the customer for its development and prosperity. Your product packaging represents your company and its attributes. There are many different carton boxes for various purposes like packing, transporting, stacking your house hood items, gifting etc. Every type is best for its product, but custom kraft boxes are mostly recommended worldwide.

Kraft boxes are much thicker than other type’s f carton boxes like paperboard, rigid, bux board boxes. Paper board boxes are much thinner the kraft boxes and mainly used for packing biscuits and cereals. Paperboard carton boxes are no much recommended for heavy items like electronics, books etc. Rigid and bux board boxes are thicker than Kraft boxes and are mainly used for packing expensive and fragile items. Products like Rolex watches, Tiffany and Co, use these boxes for their costly products. However, Kraft boxes are economical and are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. They are perfect for transporting various items like electronics, books etc.

The raw material of these boxes is taken from pine wood, a natural material that makes Kraft boxes eco-friendly, which positively affects the consumer. With time consumers has started thinking about Mother Nature and appreciates those companies who like to participate in the betterment of nature and also recommended for you packers and movers in hyderabad.

How Packaging Effects

Packaging is the essential part of the product; it represents your company and makes your product visible in the market. Attractive packaging can attract the maximum customer in a short period. Custom Kraft boxes are the best way to cut down extra marketing budget and make your product packaging an effective marketing source and represent your brand where ever it goes. It elevates your brand among other brands and leaves an everlasting impression. A custom Kraft box consists of your company logo, company name, additional information about the product and your company contact information. The company’s contact information helps you build a trust bridge between consumer and company and easy access to contact the company for feedback and queries. The packaging reflects the company attributes and puts a positive impression on the customer. These boxes are available in the market in different sizes and are commonly used as kraft gift boxes to represent other occasions like New Year, birthdays, etc. These boxes are also available with personalized messages and quotes.


How designs effects packaging

Packaging needs to be highlighted with vibrant colors and unique designs. Unique designs and captive color combination will enhance the packaging and will make it more visible and attractive.

Some mistakes you should take care of;

  • Precise size

Size is an essential part of the box. If the size is too big or too small, then it will damage the product packed inside it. It is necessary to take care of the size while manufacturing it. The correct measurement of the box will enhance the packaging of the box.

  • Grammatical mistakes

When vibrant coloured boxes are on the move, everyone likes to look at them and know what the product is packed inside. They want to read the description and the name of the product and the company. Make sure your words are spelt and written on the boxes correctly. They should not the spelt wrong, dim or overlapped, making it more difficult to read and understand. This creates a negative impression on the customer.

  • Design of the box

The visual appearance of the box is as necessary as the convenience of the box. Try to use an easy and flexible version of the box. Many companies use high-quality kraft paper and designs but do not look at the box designs, which is difficult to open, close and use afterwards. There are many versions of the box available in the market with different pros and cons.

  • Pictures printed on the box

It would help if you always took care of the pictures you are printing on the box during printing and manufacturing. There are two types of images on the box. One type is the instructional pictures on the boxes representing the fragile sign and other description sign relating to the product. The other type of box represents the company and its nature. Ensure you choose the right picture to represent your company and the instructional images to let the customer know how to handle the box with care.

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Unique Packaging

Packaging is the only way to keep your product highlighted in the market and make it unique among other products. Routine packaging will not help your product to stand out in the crowd. Retailers use kraft boxes wholesale for their product to enhance their product visibility. Using unique packaging is one of the essential factors to heighten your product visibility.

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