Environment-Friendly Greeting Cards | A Step Towards Sustainability

Environment-Friendly Greeting Cards | A Step Towards Sustainability

Do you wish to congratulate your loved ones on their wedding anniversary or on the eve of Christmas? Have you considered sending them eco-friendly greeting cards as a gesture of warmth and love? You have made the right choice!!

Sending a greeting is a way of letting recipients know that they have been on your mind or you are happy with their presence in your life. Greeting cards hold great importance when used both personally as well professionally. They indicate a friendly gesture while keeping the sustainability factor intact. Considering this, many manufacturers have started producing bulk wholesale greeting cards in Australia. Consumers can order single or bundles of eco-friendly greeting cards during the festive season or otherwise.   

Why invest in eco-friendly greeting cards?

While celebrating events like baby showers, birthdays, and others, greeting cards are the most used articles to spread the word of joy all around. However, don’t you think you must not harm the environment while sharing happiness with your friends? To overcome this issue, environmentally friendly greeting cards are gaining much attention these days! 

These articles are made up of recycled paper and other biodegradable raw materials, preventing chopping off trees for manufacturing papers.  

How are all the components of greeting cards sustainable?

Here is how each bit of greeting card follows sustainability norms:

1. Soy Ink

The traditional inks are loaded with harmful chemicals and pollutants which harm the environment. On the other hand, companies that follow sustainable manufacturing rules use soy ink for making eco-friendly greeting cards. Soy inks not only produce less odour but also spread out further, requiring less ink to get the same outcome. Soy inks also generate brighter colours, so greeting cards printed with them will have rich, vibrant hues that will attract attention. 

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2. Recycled Paper

Using a fresh piece of paper every single time can leave a huge negative impact on the environment. To prevent environmental degradation to a certain extent, using recycled paper can prove to be highly beneficial. Using soy ink to print on recycled paper imparts a more authentic and personalized look than the traditional greeting cards. In addition, there is a range of recycled paper available for making wholesale greeting cards in Australia. You can choose the ones which fall within your budget and aesthetic demands. 

3. Seed Infused Paper

Although the eco-friendly recyclable papers are easy to biodegrade, won’t it be better if you never have to worry about their decomposition? This is where seed paper cards come into the picture!! With the increasing hype of seed paper cards embedded with wildflower seeds, they have become one of the most adored eco-friendly articles. 

After using the greeting cards, they can be ripped up and tucked in some soil, and they will begin to grow in just a couple of weeks. In addition, if you are investing in greeting cards for commercial purposes, your customers are absolutely going to love these multifunctional articles.

Now that you are convinced enough about the tremendous benefits of investing in eco-friendly greeting cards, it is time to make the upcoming event more exciting by distributing these to your potential guests!