Fun and Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

Fun and Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

In older times, surviving during the summer season was quite challenging. Cheers to the new technology that led to creating an Air Conditioner (AC), which has made our lives easier. Now, we can cool our environments just by switching a button. We feel lucky as we can live these harsh days with the best comfort. Surely, ACs have made gathering convenient, business meetings stress-free, office work more comfortable, sleeping tome calmer, and performing kitchen tasks with ease. Now we can enjoy wearing our favorite outfits and makeup comfortably in summers also. As HVAC has become necessary for every home, we must know some fun and interesting facts about Air Conditioning. 

During summers, the use of the AC increase in Georgia. Likewise, the demand for trustworthy and credible Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Marietta, also rises. People demand qualified technicians and experts to service and repair their units. Everyone wants to enjoy clean, fresh, and cool air for the most relaxing experience. 

Fun and Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning 

AC has changed over time, and there are very interesting histories to explore. As everyone loves aCs, it is always a surprise to know some fascinating facts about the appliance. Some interesting facts about ACs that outline their history, functioning, maintenance, general problems are other trivia are enlisted below: 

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The Exciting History of ACs

AC unit was invented thousands of years back. The idea originates from Rome, where rich people used the extraordinary channel system to circulate cold water through their walls. While in the early 1900s, with the introduction of electricity, things changed. In 1902, Willis Carrier designed the first-ever modern-day AC unit. He installed it in his publishing company, where he wanted to lower the temperature and regulate humidity levels. It helped smooth the progress of tasks at his office, especially the paper stopped contracting and expanding.

Working of AC units

An AC unit’s plain concept is the use of a special chemical “refrigerant loop” from within the building to outside and back again. It absorbs and casts out the heat in the process. The refrigerant cools and then turns back into the building to begin a new cycle. 

AC Parts  

The major AC system comprises four major parts: a condenser for heat transfer, an evaporator that collects liquid refrigerant, an extension valve that regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator, and a compressor, a pump, and presses refrigerant. Other components of the AC unit include a fan that blows air over the cool loops and into the room, a set of coils, a motor, an air filter that gathers dirt and debris, and a thermostat that monitors and controls air temperature. As HVAC components are complicated, regular cleaning and maintenance are required. So, you must look for reliable services for HVAC Cleaning in Marietta

Extending lifespan of an AC

Regular maintenance is crucial to preserving your AC unit. So, experts suggest cleaning or replacement of air filters every month, especially during the summer season. Ignoring this action reduces the airflow that hinders the optimum performance of the system. As a responsible HVAC owner, you must be careful of this unit if any problem hinders the proper working of the unit. So, you should call a certified professional at least once a year for a detailed examination or service. The ideal time to get this done is right before the summer season. 

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Various Types of ACs 

The most general type of ACs used in North America is the forced air system that necessitates ductwork installation in the building. On the other hand, ductless AC models are also available for installation. If you want a single room cooling, the window unit model is the ideal solution. Experts have also introduced portable AC units for the public. 

General AC system problems and their causes 

If your AC unit is not functioning, a possibility might be a blown-out fuse or tumbled circuit breaker. Another reason can be an incorrect or faulty setting of your AC thermostat. And if your system is not cooling properly, your evaporator might be blocked with dirt, or there is a leakage in the ducts or inadequate insulation. Some AC units trip often. The reason might be a filthy or clogged condenser or evaporator. Sometimes, insufficient refrigerant levels or defective compressors might also impact the cooling of the unit. Other HVAC issues include damaged condenser pumps that result in leakages or worn-out belts that result in strange voices. 

Advantages of AC

The invention of AC has enabled great developments in the medical field that have increased the average human life expectancy. For instance, cooling in hospitals has helped defeat malaria, reduce infant mortality rate, and surgery developments. 

Determined the Success of Cinema Houses 

Cinema houses were the first places that were able to benefit from the artificially cooled air. When the weather was too hot, people would choose to watch a movie for entertainment. So, production houses started releasing more movies during the summers leading to a summer blockbuster. 

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No Effect on Education Sector

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes were shut in the summers due to the intolerable temperatures. Even after the introduction of AC, the summer vacation schedule has not changed. Even today, students across the globe enjoy summer vacations. 

Stronger Economy 

The introduction of an AC is considered the biggest accomplishment of the 20th century as it has improved the world economy. In the USA, people preferred living in areas where AC was available, which led to overpopulation in certain areas. So, AC systems have always been in high demand. 

Status Symbol 

AC became a status symbol after World War II. The traditional window AC units were so popular that more than a million units were traded in 1953. 

Energy Conservation 

Today, scientists have introduced greener technology that helps save energy and bills. Half of the average home bill accounts for a heating and cooling system, so energy-efficient ACs are available that help you save big!