The best gaming keyboard for your comfort without disturbing colleagues

gaming keyboard

A best gaming keyboard should not be underestimated. Especially if you are a user of a laptop, a full-size keyboard can be a relief for tight, often unsatisfactory keyboards, which unfortunately are found on many models. Whether you sit at your desk all day and play or play during your free time, you want a keyboard to feel good and work well.

However, as with most computer accessories, there are so many different options that choosing an option can be a daunting task, especially if you are shopping online and cannot try them personally first.

If you type a lot every day, you must first ask yourself if you need a mechanical keyboard. They have been in disgrace with almost everyone, except the purists, for a long time, but they have seen a resurgence in recent years and are now available again in several different options.

The great advantage of these keyboards, which use individual mechanical key switches instead of the rubber or other rubber domes, is their responsiveness and touch, often with a satisfactory click sound. You can feel each shot clearly, without the blur to which you are accustomed with other keyboards.

However, the disadvantage for some is the same as many of them: noise and touch. There are many quieter options, but a membrane keyboard is quieter. It may be better if you share an office with other people. Some people prefer the softer feel and shorter writing of a rubber membrane or keyboard.

In addition, you can refine your search by focusing on your needs. If playing is your priority, you should look for special keyboards that offer other functions, such as additional customizable buttons, special volume controls and other functions, as well as a multi-colored backlight that can be customized for your own way

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If you find that typing on a standard keyboard tires your arms or wrists, an ergonomic keyboard that offers a more comfortable or flexible writing position can be a great investment with long-term benefits. You can do this by dividing the board into two sections that allow your arms to rest more naturally. However, no keyboard will be a panacea.

So how do we choose a keyboard? The following is a list of our recommended keyboards, hope it can help you.

1. Varmilo VA87M
If you do not want non-adaptable standard mechanical keyboards, the Wirecutter VA87M Varmilo is highly recommended. And there are a number of key switch options: the quietest and lightest Cherry MX Red switches to the strongest and strongest Cherry MX Blue switches, to match your preferred click and touch level. You can also order them as you wish instead of adjusting them yourself. Different colors and platform-specific keys are available.

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
Players have very specific requirements and expectations for a keyboard, and it is not always easy to find a keyboard that is also ideal for performing tasks. However, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum balances well and is the best choice for PC Gamer and PC Magazine. It is large and occupies much of the office space, but it has dedicated multimedia and macro buttons, a volume knob, a removable palm rest and even a cable management system underneath. More importantly, the high-precision Cherry MX Speed Silver switches provide fast and responsive keystrokes when you need to respond quickly or feel overwhelmed by your favorite SPF.

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3. Logitech MX Keys
A thin keyboard closer to a laptop will not satisfy people who prefer the tactile and clickable feel of a mechanical keyboard. However, there are many interesting options if you are looking for something a little quieter for an open office environment. The Logitech MX buttons are a bit expensive on a non-mechanical keyboard, but PC World and Digital Trends have discovered that they are easily worth $100. They offer an optimized design and high-end rugged construction, as well as many customization options for options. buttons. It can also be connected to several devices at the same time, allowing a powerful connection with the appropriate Logitech MX Master 3 mouse.

4. Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Split
This Kinesis device has been designed for players. Wirecutter, however, found it the best ergonomic option for everyone due to its adaptability and excellent customization. These include four different Cherry MX switches to choose from and a lifting kit accessory that allows you to place the keyboard at different angles for even more comfortable typing.

5. Motospeed K70
The K70 is an exceptional option for shared spaces and uses Cherry MX Red RGB switches, linear and silent, with a very low profile. This means that you will get the fast overall performance of the normal red switches, but without the capital letters for a thinner and more compact keyboard. In other words, it looks and looks like a modern desktop keyboard with a much more parallel hand position than its ordinary mechanical gaming keyboard.

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