Global Perspective on Top Data Science Capabilities

Global Perspective on Top Data Science Capabilities

US, China, Russia, Korea, and Germany are the world’s fastest-growing talent centers for professionals who have certification from data science course in Gurgaon. We explore these destinations.

The goal of modern data science courses is to develop powerful algorithms and rules that can self-sustain their learning. Thanks to rapid innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation, data science teams are far better equipped today in developing such algorithms in much lesser time.

In this article, we have pointed out the evolving nature of top data science capabilities and how global powerhouses in the technology field see data science as a driving force for their economy.

United States of America

In terms of the number of companies / startups and investments (in dollars), the US is a global talent center for data scientists.

The US remains the world’s most prolific innovation center for data science. A majority of professionals passing out from data science course in Gurgaon are hired by US-based companies that are involved in R&D and development projects in the fields of ML Ops, Machine Learning, 5G Wireless telecom, IoT, and agriculture technologies. IBM, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft remain the best AI and data science companies to work for in the US.


China has steadily climbed the rungs of AI ML with its highly proficient data science talent pool. In less than 5 years, it has become a highly militarized AI center that deploys Big Data intelligence, MLOPs, and Computer vision to grow its economy. It is among the few countries that have built a highly sophisticated data science management center across its industry and education. It is now providing ample opportunities to global citizens to work in their telecom and marketing firms that are closely associated with AI ML development. It is worth mentioning that trillions of Chinese currency are invested in developmental projects in Healthcare, biotechnology, genome data intelligence, and behavioral intelligence that drive the Asian economy, even during the current pandemic era.

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South Korea

 In a gleaming hope to the electronics market that has seen remarkable growth in the development of Data Science projects, South Korea leads the way for Indian data scientists. If you have a Gurgaon-based data science certification, you have a great chance to work closely with Big Data and AI innovations teams at Samsung or LG. If you are lucky, you could even be hired for unmatched projects like 6G wireless, Korea being the leader in the field.


Next in line is Germany. Germany houses close to 500 globally recognized AI companies that are mostly working in the Conversational AI, Chatbots, Advertising technologies, Biotechnology, Space research, and data mining industries. The country falls under the purview of GDPR, and therefore, the data collection and governance is compliant with the world’s best data privacy benchmarks. Working in Germany is a great career option once you have certification from Gurgaon.

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