Google Cloud Platform Certification; Preparation and Prerequisites

Google Cloud Platform Certification; Preparation and Prerequisites

Google Cloud Platform (at times alluded to as GCP) is a main supplier of figuring assets for conveying and working containerized applications. That makes an aggregate of 22 cloud areas across 16 nations, on the side of their developing number of clients. 

GKE has immediately picked up fame with clients since it’s intended to wipe out the need to introduce, oversee and work your Kubernetes bunches. GKE is especially well known with designers since it’s anything but difficult to utilize and stuffed with strong holder coordination highlights including incorporated logging, autoscaling, observing and private compartment libraries. ITOps groups like running Kubernetes on Google Cloud in light of the fact that GKE incorporates highlights like making or resizing holder bunches, redesigning compartment groups, making holder cases and resizing application controllers. 

In spite of its obvious comfort, if a venture picks just Google Cloud Container administrations for all their Kubernetes needs, they’re securing themselves in a solitary seller biological system. For instance, by picking Google Cloud Load Balancer for load dissemination, Google Cloud Container Registry to deal with your Docker pictures or Anthos Service Mesh with GKE, a client’s future sending alternatives restricted. It’s little marvel that numerous GKE clients look to Rancher to assist them with conveying more noteworthy consistency while seeing after a multi-cloud procedure for Kubernetes.

With an ever-increasing number of organizations utilizing GCP for probably a portion of their cloud necessities, there is an expanded interest for Google Cloud Platform affirmation preparing. Google presently has seven accreditation tests that groups and IT experts can use to approve their GCP abilities.

Google Cloud Platform Certifications

Professional Cloud Security Engineer offers seven certifications roadmap for Google Cloud Platform:

  • Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Architect 
  • Professional Data Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Developer
  • Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer (beta)
  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Associate Cloud Engineer

An Associate Cloud Engineer sends applications, screens tasks, and oversees venture arrangements. This individual can utilize Google Cloud Console and the order line interface to perform basic stage based errands to keep up at least one sent arrangements that influence Google-oversaw or self-guided administrations on Google Cloud. 

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The Associate Cloud Engineer test evaluates your capacity to: 

  • Set up a cloud arrangement condition 
  • Plan and design a cloud arrangement 
  • Deploy and execute a cloud arrangement Ensure the effective activity of a cloud arrangement
  • Configure access and security.

Prerequisite: None 

Professional Cloud Architect

A Professional Cloud Architect empowers associations to use Google Cloud innovations. With a careful comprehension of cloud engineering and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can configuration, create, and oversee powerful, secure, versatile, exceptionally accessible, and dynamic answers for drive business targets. 

The Google Cloud certtified – Professional Cloud Architect test evaluates your capacity to: 

  • Structure and plan a cloud arrangement design 
  • Oversee and arrangement the cloud arrangement framework 
  • Plan for security and consistency
  • Break down and upgrade specialized and business forms 
  • Oversee executions of cloud engineering 
  • Guarantee arrangement and activitiesunwavering quality

Prerequisite: None

Professional Data Engineer

A Professional Data Engineer empowers information-driven dynamic by gathering, changing, and distributing information. A Data Engineer ought to have the option to configuration, assemble, operationalize, secure, and screen information handling frameworks with a specific accentuation on security and consistency; versatility and productivity; unwavering quality and constancy; and adaptability and convey ability. A Data Engineer ought to likewise have the option to use, convey, and persistently train previous AI models. 

The Professional Data Engineer test evaluates your capacity to: 


  • Structure information handling frameworks
  • Assemble and operationalize information handling frameworks 
  • Operationalize AI models 
  • Guarantee arrangement quality


Prerequisite: None

Professional Cloud Developer 

A Professional Cloud Developer fabricates versatile and profoundly accessible applications utilizing Google-suggested practices and instruments that influence completely oversaw administrations. This individual has involvement in cloud-local applications, runtime situations, engineer apparatuses, and cutting edge databases. A Professional Cloud Developer likewise has the capability within any event one broadly useful programming language and is gifted at creating important measurements and logs to troubleshoot and follow code. 

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The Professional Cloud Developer test evaluates your capacity to: 

  • Structure exceptionally adaptable, accessible, and dependable cloud-local applications 
  • Fabricate and test applications 
  • Convey applications 
  • Coordinate Google Cloud Platform administrations 
  • Oversee application execution observing

Prerequisite: None

Proficient Cloud DevOps Engineer 

A Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer is answerable for proficient improvement activities that can adjust administration unwavering quality and conveyance speed. They are gifted at utilizing Google Cloud Platform to fabricate programming conveyance pipelines, send and screen benefits, and oversee and gain from episodes. 

The Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer test surveys your capacity to: 

  • Apply site dependability building standards to a help 
  • Advance help execution 
  • Execute administration checking methodologies 
  • Fabricate and actualize CI/CD pipelines for a help 
  • Oversee administration episodes


Professional Cloud Network Engineer 

A Professional Cloud Network Engineer actualizes and oversees organize designs in Google Cloud Platform. This individual has in any event 1 year of hands-on experience working with Google Cloud Platform and may take a shot at systems administration or cloud groups with engineers who plan the foundation. By utilizing experience actualizing VPCs, half breed availability, arrange administrations, and security for built-up organize designs, this individual guarantees fruitful cloud executions utilizing the order line interface or the Google Cloud Platform Console. 

The Professional Cloud Network Engineer test surveys your capacity to: 

  • Configuration, plan, and model a GCP Network 
  • Actualize a GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 
  • Arrange organize administrations 
  • Execute crossover interconnectivity 
  • Execute organize security

Prerequisite: None

Professional Cloud Security Engineer 

A Professional Cloud Security Engineer empowers associations to structure and actualize a protected framework on Google Cloud Platform. Through a comprehension of security best practices and industry security prerequisites, these individual plans, creates, and deals with a safe foundation utilizing Google security innovations. The Cloud Security Professional ought to be capable in all parts of Cloud Security including overseeing character and access the board, characterizing hierarchical structure and approaches, utilizing Google innovations to give information insurance, arranging system security resistances, gathering and investigating Google Cloud Platform logs, overseeing episode reactions, and a comprehension of administrative concerns. 

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The Professional Cloud Security Engineer test evaluates your capacity to: 

  • Design access inside a cloud arrangement condition 
  • Design arrange security 
  • Guarantee information insurance 
  • Oversee tasks inside a cloud arrangement condition 
  • Guarantee consistency

Prerequisite: None

Preparation of Google Cloud Platform certification

Google Cloud certification exams are known for their exhaustiveness and trouble, so the significance of readiness and preparing already can’t be exaggerated. Shockingly, Google doesn’t give a score toward the finish of a test. Rather, it just issues a “Pass” or “Fall flat” result, which doesn’t give a lot of help as far as realizing where to examine in the event that you come up short. This is another motivation behind why it’s critical to completely plan for the test.

Here are five professional tips to take before composing anexam: 

  1. Take the applicable learning ways Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Data Engineer, and Associate Cloud Engineer. These learning ways incorporate courses, labs, and tests for every certifications.
  2. Get hands-on training on Google Cloud Platform. Hands-on Labs and Lab Challenges give simple approaches to you to rapidly get pragmatic experience on genuine cloud conditions without sending your own framework. 
  3. Survey the layout in the test direct, (for example, the Data Engineer test guide) and check for any information holes. 
  4. The Cloud Architect and Data Engineer tests incorporate inquiries concerning long contextual analyses. You can discover these contextual analyses in the test guides. Ensure you read them completely before composing the test. 
  5. Compose Google’s training test, (for example, the Cloud Architect practice test).

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