5 Diy Halloween Party Decorations To Make Things Thrilling

5 Diy Halloween Party Decorations To Make Things Thrilling

Its finally spooktober and with Halloween just a few days away, now is the perfect time to get yourself geared up to celebrate an event cherished by both the adults and kids. As you scroll through the internet, you might have seen how people create really artistic stuff with common items placed around the house. Well, keeping those videos in mind here we have gathered 5 ecstatic DIY Halloween decoration items. That you can easily place anywhere around your house or use as a fancy item when you host a party this year, so without prolonging the intro let’s just get right into the topic.


The first item on the DIY list will be the easiest and the most fun Halloween décor you’ll ever create for yourself. The ghostly bottles can be created in four easy steps

  • Remove label and caps from any bottle that seems to resemble the body of ghost.
  • Spray it white.
  • Use a marker to draw weird and scary faces on it.
  • Throw in a colorful straw to add a bit of color

And that’s it you’ll be done. These four simple steps is all it would take for you to create an ecstatic Halloween décor. Plus it takes about three to four minutes to create a bottle so you can whip one up instantly before the guests arrive.


Spiders look creepy and once their web gets tangled around you, a sudden eerie feeling will take over your body. So, a spider web coaster will make a perfect item for you to place on your tables in this year’s Halloween party. It’s easy to create all you need is a few bobby pins, a thread wine and a washer. Once you have these items hook the bobby pins to your washer and spray paint them white. After that just wrap the thread around those pins creating a cobweb and throw in some tiny spiders around it, and voila a perfect spider web coaster to put your drinks on is ready.

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You can also avail it through the amazon Halloween discount code, to save some time. But handcrafting one on your own is still a pretty great idea.


Want to add a gruesome item on your party list, an item that’ll be joyful yet scary at the same time to your dinner guests. Well then bloody napkins is just the right thing for you, splash a bit of Kool-Aid on a white napkin and get some plastic vampire teeth’s to hold it down. You’ll have a perfect bloody napkin to present in front of your guests as they have dinner. If you have difficulty finding the vampire teeth’s, then you can use the Discount Halloween Decoration props to search online.


Bats and Ghosts are the heart of any decoration in Halloween, the hairy and small critter as well as the supernatural being attract attention from all bystanders instantly. So adding this into your party collection is a must. You can usually get them at great price by using the discount for Halloween haunt promotional offers or you can create one for yourself with ease. All you would need is a milk carton, just cut it and add googly eyes on it and you’ll be done. It’s easy to create and super effective in terms of grabbing attention.


Well no decoration can be complete without jack o lantern, it’s literally the heart of Halloween, and we might all know how to create a jack o lantern by ourselves. But even if we don’t all it takes is to carve a pumpkin with some eyes and a creepy face. This is by far one of the most favorable DIY décor and can be used in any part of the room.

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You can easily use it at a costume party and place it outside with welcome carved in or you can also place it at a horror night, while you scare your friends and family in a night full of adventure. There’s also the discount for Halloween horror nights 2019 for you to utilize and get even more amazing things added to your party bucket list.

With this the 5 DIY party decorations come to an end, we hope that the things mentioned above truly spark a great spook of joy into your party, be it a costume party, trick or treating or any other random occasion on Halloween. These DIY decoration will go a long way.

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