How Are Diamonds Formed In Frisco, TX

How are diamonds formed in Frisco, TX? The common notion of diamond formation is that it comes from coal that has been under extreme heat and pressure. However, sad to say this information is not true. Diamonds form under the earth’s surface but they aren’t made of coal. You can ask a reputable wholesale diamond dealer in Frisco, TX and they can testify that this old wive’s tale is not a fact. 

What Element Do Diamonds Form?

The elements that are believed to be formed as a diamond are carbon molecules which are usually formed under intense heat. 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit is needed or more to be able to form carbon molecules into diamonds plus they should be inside the earth’s mantle before they can be formed. High pressure is needed, that’s why they only form on the earth’s mantle, pressure needed is around 725,000 pounds of pressure.  

Where Does The Diamond Come From?

Diamonds are found 100 miles beneath the earth. Diamonds that are mined have traveled to the earth’s surface since people can’t dig 100 miles deep. Volcanic eruption is one of the main reasons why diamonds are pushed to the earth’s surface not too deep to be dug up by people. Diamonds come from the deep layer of the earth and travel up to the surface with so many years to be able to reach where people can find them. 

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Where Can Diamonds be Found?

Since diamonds are pushed to the earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions, then areas, where there is a history of volcanic activity, are good sites to find diamonds. Diamonds usually occur in the form of kimberlites. Kimberlites are rock tunnels that are made up of molten rock that has cooled down after the volcano eruption. Kimberlites found near rivers and streams are slowly weathered away by the flowing water then soon reveal the diamond and wash them downstream. 

Where is the Origin of Diamond?

Diamonds come from different areas of the world and different histories:

  • First Century AD

During this time diamonds are known as the most beautiful thing in the world. This belief started in India, where they found diamonds in main streams and rivers. It is believed that the trading of diamonds from India has been happening since the early fourth century DC. 

  • The 1700s

The supply of diamonds started to decline then Brazil emerged as an important source. For Brazil diamonds are mined on pans of gold being mined that they sifted from the gravel of local rivers. With this, they have been dominating in selling diamonds in the market for 150 years. 

  • The 1800s

As diamond demand broadens, explorers have unearthed the first South African Diamond deposits. From then on, diamond trading has moved from one place to another. 

Diamonds have a long history and have been loved by people for centuries. Their value never decreases but instead continuously increases. From ancient to modern times diamonds are still on the top list of gemstones that are preferred by people to use in their jewelry despite the high cost. 

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How Long Can Diamond Form?

How many years do diamonds form? Natural diamonds need billions of years to be able to form. 1 billion to 3.3 billion years is needed for the entire process of diamond formation to occur. With all the processes and surfaces of the earth where it needs to pass till it reaches the earth’s surface. Then the length of the process is unquestionable. That’s why diamonds are pricey because they are not easily formed.  

How are diamonds formed in Frisco, TX? Diamonds are formed in the same way but they don’t happen in each country however due to the high demands diamond has reached almost every corner of the world including Texas. In Texas, wholesale dealers are selling diamonds to retail stores and anyone interested in buying their diamonds. Their sources may be different but the important thing is they can get diamonds to sell at a more affordable price. Knowing how and where diamonds come from explains very well why they are too pricey. Next time you plan to buy diamonds you wouldn’t think twice about buying one since you already know how it is formed and how they reach the market. 

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