How issues can arise out of the blue | Letters

How issues can arise out of the blue | Letters


As a psychotherapist, I often function with couples, one particular of whom has received a information out of the blue from an aged flame (Previous close friends far more grateful to acquire a concept than we be expecting, study finds, 11 July. Their causes for moving into remedy usually centre about the concept, jealousy on a single fifty percent, uncertainties on the other, or a craving to recapture earlier youthful emotions. Have confidence in me, a information out of the blue is absolutely not a good plan for some.
Pete Lavender
Woodthorpe, Nottinghamshire

So a new analyze finds a crystal clear connection among hunger and anger (Report, 6 July). I could have saved the researchers the trouble. At college in the 1960s we had been taught that the French Revolution began in portion because the men and women ended up starving, “and when you are hungry you get angry”.
Barbara Brewis
Burnopfield, County Durham

I preferred the rationalization of how shingle on a beach front is sorted by sizing (Letters, 10 July). The exact influence takes place in a box of muesli when the raisins and nuts come across their way to the leading. Surely this cannot be down to longshore drift?
Joanna Rimmer
Lambley, Northumberland

Simon Townley, who implies a wallchart of all Boris Johnson’s lies (Letters, 7 July), should be mindful that not everybody in our unequal society has roomy walls.
Roy Grimwood
Industry Drayton, Shropshire

Paul Brown’s intriguing piece (Weatherwatch, 8 July) brought to brain Hilaire Belloc’s summary of the challenge: “I am a sundial, and I make a botch / Of what is performed a lot far better by a check out.”
Jill Cramphorn

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