How to Cook a Microwave Frozen Pizza at Home – Easy Steps

microwave pizza

Is it really possible to cook a microwave frozen pizza at home? Yes, you can certainly microwave a frozen pizza on a hot plate. However, cooking time greatly depends on your microwave oven’s power.

But one thing to remember is that the frozen pizza will not be as crispy as the oven-baked pizza. In addition, if you do not have the right ingredients, you may end up having a burnt crust. This happens because the ingredients will not mix properly during the baking process and because the temperature will drop considerably.


Cooking frozen pizza is actually very easy once you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment. You can start cooking it on a pre-heated rack or you can make use of the pre-heated baking tray. There is no need to worry about the ingredients.

Buy pre-packed frozen pizzas:

If you want to make frozen pizza at home, you can buy pre-packed frozen pizzas from any store. However, some of them may be high on fat content which can ruin the taste. The same applies to those frozen pizzas that are not stored in the refrigerator for a long period of time.

Use a frozen peel:

Another way to cook a microwave frozen pizza is by using a frozen peel, grated cheese, shredded mozzarella and a little water in a food processor. Once the mixture is well combined, it can be transferred directly onto the frozen crust. Just ensure that you avoid touching the ingredients with your hands because you will risk splattering.

So now you know how to cook a microwave frozen pizza at home. Enjoy!

Traditional pizza:

Nowadays, oven pizza is gaining immense popularity and it is considered to be a healthy alternative to traditional pizza. Here are some steps to help you learn how to cook in an oven pizza at home:

Get a pizza stone:

A pizza stone can serve two purposes. First, it can help you prepare the toppings quickly.

Second, it makes it easier to clean the surface. Simply take a cloth and dampen it with warm water. Then, place the pizza stone in the dishwasher or wash it in your dishwasher. After this, wipe the pizza off the cloth.

Use a pre-heated baking tray:

 The baking tray can also help you prepare a microwave frozen pizza. Simply heat the baking tray until the crust starts to get bubbly. Then, place the pizza on the baking tray and stick it in the oven. Let the pizza bake for a few minutes.

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