How to download E-BOOKS from online library to our tablet

What does a book play a role in our life?  Well to be answered honestly it plays a most important part in everybody’s life. Most of us refer to only book for educational stuff, most refers to books because they are fond of reading. Well the main question is that what do we understand about the word book? 

Book stands for “Big ocean of knowledge”. The full form of book itself conveys the meaning, throughout history human beings are writing their experiences in books which prove to be helpful in today’s life. As mentioned earlier there are some books which contain fictions character or maybe sometimes real life literature which people like to read about. These kind of books help in utilising time, reduce anxiety or stress and helps in improving our language fluency.

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   In today’s world some people don’t have enough time to read through the actual books so they go for online book commonly known as E-BOOKS. They are also the same kind of books that contains text, images or both, but instead of being printed they are read on phones, tablet or sometimes PC. Some E-BOOKS are free of cost or some are paid ones, It’s upon the reader who has to choose between the two. There are some sites which contains library of online books so that instead of searching for a book throughout  internet, they can just simply type the name of book.

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   According to research, E-BOOKS came in trend from early 2010 in US. Nowadays there are E-BOOKS printed or can be called as typed in the old traditional yellow colour for people who loved to read books in traditional more question arises is that what makes E-BOOKS so popular and a success in literature? The main reason for the success of E-BOOKS was found that they were cheap as compared to the printed ones, they were comfortable and easy to read and there was no need of maintenance. In the space that a comparably sized physical book takes up, an e-reader can contain thousands of e-books. E-BOOKS can be read even in low light or even total darkness. Many readers can change the size or font according to their needs; there are features for impaired ones like text-to-speech softwares to read the text aloud. Printed books also takes up around 80 times more water and 3 times more raw materials and last but not the least they can be recovered if lost.

               E-BOOKS can be read online through various learning sites like:-


These were some of few sites which provides us the vast material of E-BOOKS .Like these, there are much more sites where a user can find his/her book he wants to read.

Some E-BOOKS can also be read offline, the user just have to download the book. Well that is very easy isn’t it?  Kinda looks easy but actually it isn’t, while downloading any stuff through internet we very much likely to get into the sites which are either of no use or may contain viruses and bugs, so downloading any E-BOOK can be very frustrating or can cause damage to your device .Well to prevent these things from happening  we can always follow some instructions :

  1. While downloading any  E-BOOK the foremost thing to do is to just clarify that the device in which you are currently downloading has an antivirus  as the sites may contain some virus.
  2. Check that the site you are visiting doesn’t have any malware.
  3. Visit the site and tap on search bar ,write the name of book that you want to read .
  4. When the book you want appears then check whether the book is paid or free(usually go for free if you are not a passionate reader ).
  5. Click on “save to your device “ and allocate the location on which you want to store .
  6. If you are purchasing the book give them your credentials very carefully so that you could not end up in a mess.
  7. After purchasing the book, click on “download”.
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—–Well that were the steps that you have to do while downloading an E-BOOK from a running site. Among these sites there are some other sites which have their own apps to make reading easier like;-

  1. Audible
  2. Storyteller

3.Amazon kindle

—–If you want to download books from here, it is going to be much easier then the above steps:-

1.Just open the above app

2.Type the name of book in search bar


     At last the main thing that remains the same is that we all need books for our own and social benefits   So overall these were the steps to download any E-BOOK from online library to our tablet.

Once a wise man said that ”A Book Is A Gift you can open again and again”, so keeping in mind just download more and more books.