How To Wear Plus Size Leggings Under A Dress


With so many women wanting to avoid going bare legs on days and looking for something warmer than tights, knowing how to pair leggings under a dress helps a lot. There are days when you do not feel like showing off your legs instead of covering them with a chic pair of leggings. For those days, we got you covered. What’s there to learn? You put on those leggings and slip into that dress, as simple as that! But you also want to make sure that you choose the right leggings for a particular dress and pick the correct dress length without looking silly. If you want to look sophisticated in your plus-size leggings, follow our tips. 

The ground rule to kill the look is to keep it simple. If your pair of leggings has the pattern or color you prefer not to wear as tights, consider it a no-no. Do not wear any kind of leggings that make you feel weird. Also, keep in mind that you are aiming for a modern look. So pairing the plus-size beach lift leggings with a vintage dress will not work. But, all of it does not stop you from wearing a combination of styles. You can team up your leggings with a majority of dresses, only a few things to consider. 

Length of the dress

The length of the dress you wear will matter the most to make the leggings look appealing. 

  • Short to knee length- Generally, short to knee-length dresses are ideal for pairing with leggings. Although you can also wear your plus-size booty lifting leggings underneath a maxi dress, that would only add warmth and no extra style. It would also look silly if a few inches of your leggings are visible peeking out of the dress. People would quickly notice a different fabric color below your clothing, even if it is a small length. 
  • Mini skirts-  Wearing leggings on the days when you are going in mini skirts is a great choice. Leggings with mini skirts look the best because they allow you to show off a pop of color without keeping the legs bare. You can comfortably change positions, sit and stand comfortably. Depending on the type of leggings you choose, the outfit may also look incredibly sexy. 
  • Above the knee- Leggings with dresses that end just above your knees are also a good choice. You can also pair your dress with a long pair of boots; their leggings will work as tights or long socks. It would also keep you comfortable, warm and give a modest look. 
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Any fabric or shape of the dress may work with leggings. But a thicker fabric like denim may work better as it will not cling to the leggings’ fabric. One factor that you would want to consider is the waistband of the booty leggings in plus size. A figure waistband could peek out of the skirt and may look weird. Also, it may make an odd shape beneath the dress if the waistband is too thick. 


Leggings look appealing only if they have an excellent fit. Find a pair of plus-size leggings with a tight fit. Loose leggings may make you look bulky and unsophisticated. If you are concerned about your knees and calves, knee-length leggings may make the calves slimmer, and the dress seems longer. 

Choose the right pair of leggings to style your dress the right way. You can choose the booty lifting leggings to enhance the booty shape when you wear that dress. Step onto the online fashion store and explore your options now!

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