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Need a New Roof? How to Make a Decision on What to Buy

Need a New Roof? How to Make a Decision on What to Buy

If you have been thinking about replacing your roof, then you’ll need to take a number of factors into consideration before you make a selection. The performance of a roofing system is impacted by a variety of elements. Therefore, before you start looking at colors and such materials as wood, asphalt, or metal, you need to think about how certain outdoor factors can impact a roof. For example, which way does your house face? UV rays have more of an effect on the sides of the roof that are facing either south or west. Do you live in a windy area? If so, you want to find a roofing material that is designed to stand up to breezy conditions. Survey roofs with respect to their resilience to ice and snow as well. When snow melts, it frequently refreezes, all which can cause your gutters to take on the overflow. As a result, gutters and downspouts can become irreparably damaged. If your attic has poor ventilation too, the structure of the roof can slowly deteriorate. Therefore, it’s important to install extra vents to prevent any excess condensation of moisture. Make sure any trees growing near the roof are cut away from the surface as well. Gutters should always be cleaned and trees need to be regularly trimmed to prevent any of these kinds of maintenance issues from occurring.

Considering the Roof’s Appearance

When you’ve decided on a material, you can consider aesthetics. The roof of a home accounts for almost half of how a house is seen. Therefore, once you decide on the roofing material, you’ll have to take a closer look at how the color or design of the covering will affect the overall appearance of your home. Finding the right installer for your roofing system then is essential if you want to install a roof that is both attractive and resilient to the elements.

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Brand Name Roofing Manufacturers

The shingles you buy should be tested and shown to be durable in one of a number of areas. What is their level of tear-resistance or fire-resistance? Do they hold up well in windy or snowy conditions? Also, what brands are represented? Well-known roofing manufacturers include such names as GAF, Owens Corning, or Tamko.

Master Shingle Applicator Certification

Look for a roofing dealer that has employees who are certified as master shingle applicators. Obtaining this type of endorsement proves that the contractor understands all the aspects of installing a roofing system. This educational program covers such topics as flashing, ventilation, craftsmanship, and installation. A company that features master applicators on its staff then proves that it raises the bar when it comes to workforce standards and compliance.

The Roofing System: The Primary Components

Roofing systems feature more than just the shingles or coverings too. You also have to consider such components as the flashing, drainage, structure, and sheathing. The sheathing is made up of the boards that are fastened to the rafters while the rafters or trusses are constructed as supports for the sheathing. Flashing is designed to prevent water seepage and is installed into the valleys and joints of the roof’s structure. The shape, layout, and slope of the roof impact the roof’s ability to shed rain or melting snow.

Who to Contact in New Jersey about Installing a Roof

So, as you can see, there’s a lot to consider when you are replacing an old roof. In New Jersey, the job can be made easier by calling the home improvement professionals at Aluminum Home Remodeling. You can contact the company easily by phone at 1-800-346-3693. They are available to answer your questions Monday through Saturday during normal business hours.

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