Did You Know Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala ponytail cost $10K

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala

Did You Know Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala ponytail cost $10K

People say that Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala ponytail cost $10K! Yes, you read it right! Isn’t it a pricey ponytail? Apart from this, kim kardashian kendall met gala 2021 face obscuring look reached the newspapers. She paired it with the all-black outfit that reached 75 inches with hair extensions. This was all planned by kim kardashian met gala designer 2021. The audience is also wondering about kim kardashian’s dress cost at the gala 2020 and expenses incurred in the look. Kim k met gala outfit 2021 came up with a floor-length overly sized price tag. Her hairstylist revealed the same in the live session. Chris Appleton was her stylist and helped her with the look, dress and hairstyle. Chris revealed that the style cost her a whopping $10,000. That’s a huge amount. Fans would be delighted to know that Kim is the only star who has managed to get these Rapunzel worthy hair extensions for her kim kardashian met gala look 2021. 

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala ponytail cost $10K

Kim kardashian’s dress cost at the gala 2020 

The expenses combine with the cost of hair units and the lengthy hair installation process that took time and patience of the workers who did it. There’s a L’Oreal Paris hair pro, Kellon Deryck who worked with many famous celebrities like Cardi B and Missy Elliot, said that it’s a page six style in the 2018 magazine. This was the style in which super-long hair extensions were set back. This was  in the mid-four figure range. Deryk says that there are less expensive alternatives for the same. There are clip-ins that cost around $600 for 18-24 inches. Anything longer than this will cost you more. From kim kardashian’s dress cost met gala 2018 to met gala 2021 kim kardashian outfit, there are various kim kardashian met gala 2021 memes made on everything. This has been keeping the audience entertained and busy. To be honest, her pony reached the floor and she walked the floor with her designer Demna. 


Response on kim kardashian’s look at the gala 2020 

Spectators were eager to see her look but her glamy face was hidden underneath the designer dress that she was wearing. Even during the met gala 2021 kim kardashian interview, her face wasn’t visible to the audience. Her expensive extensions were visible all throughout the met gala, but her pricey glam was hidden. Her makeup artist, Mario confirmed that she has full makeup on beneath the hood. He even reposted memes about the Met gala 2021 kim kardashian dress saying, If you’re feeling useless, remember that someone had to do Kim’s makeup for the gala today. Wasn’t that funny enough to portray how lightly everyone took the scenario. 

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Memes on kim kardashian’s dress at the Met Gala 2021

Apart from all the tweets that are flooding up, the reality star covered up her style and she followed the event with her husband Kanye West. Kanye is also not a supporter of full covered masks, but showed his full support for the outfit on Instagram. At the Met Gala 2021, kim kardashian and kanye pushed each other to be creative and made way for imagination through art. This was said by one of the ‘Hurricane’ rappers. He was inspired by the look. 

Even Kim posted certain memes about the style on social media platforms, revealing that it was difficult for her to see her sister when she met Kendall Jenner on the Met Gala steps. But, she met the audience with an attitude ‘Long hair don’t care’. 

Wrap Up 

It’s been overwhelming for the crowd to look at Kim in such a way. Some have been fascinated while some were awestruck to see her in the Met Gala Look 2021. From  kim kardashian’s dress cost met gala 2019 to met gala 2021 kim kardashian theme, everything has been so interesting. This Met gala was very interesting for the kardashians family. Her attire and pricey ponytail became an internet sensation. There were many memes and jokes on social media about Kim and her look but that doesn’t matter to her at all. Kim lives with an attitude of ‘Don’t care’ and that’s how she survives all the memes and negative comments thrown at her. She doesn’t care what people think about her. She is more concerned about her looks and how to flaunt them with an awesome personality. 

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Did You Know Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala ponytail cost $10K

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