Landlord: Why Is It An Odd Job Man and How to Excel In It

Landlord: Why Is It An Odd Job Man and How to Excel In It


Landlord: Why Is It An Odd Job Man and How to Excel In It

A tenant does not only just looks for a house that fits the budget; but also for a cheery experience. Focus on resident engagement means an amiable experience for the resident and a smooth ride in the tenant-landlord relationship. You need to know who to call to – fix problems, inspect and who knows what else. While putting your property out on rental is an additional source of income, it comes with a couple of responsibilities too. So what does it take to be a factotum in Property rental management? Here are a few tips to excel in the art of property management:

 Inspection and security check 

When the owner or the property manager reviews the property inside-out, the tenant should be present so that the deficiencies can be noted. Without inspections, there may be unauthorized pets or additional people living in the property rental. Smoke alarms and carbon mono detectors are some of the safety measures that a resident is legally bound to install inside the premises of their house. A frequent inspection ensures the care and safety of your valuable property rentals. 

Energy performance certificate

Energy performance certificates are a rating scheme that summarises the energy efficiency of the buildings. It is an indication of the cost required to power or heat a house. An efficient energy performance certificate helps you advertise and attract prospective customers to your property. Landlords or sellers who do not have EPC can be fined a certain amount. 

A customer-friendly approach

Real property management comes with a plethora of responsibilities. From resolving complaints and emergencies to handling leases or dealing with an abrupt eviction, it is of pivotal importance that the response to these matters is brisk and efficient. A property manager is required to interact and maintain good relations with tenants and vendors. You need to know who to call when there’s a plumbing or electrical problem.

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Structured Documentation of tenant information 

To safeguard that both the owner and tenant are non-ambiguous on the finer points of the documents, it is important to review the information. For instance, if the tenant is an immigrant or citizen of a different country, ask the tenant for legal identity documents like a passport or identity card. Review all the policies, conditions, and terms of the lease agreement before legally filing it. 

Knowledge base about the vicinity 

A tenant is bound to have queries about nearby community activities, parks, or schools, a property manager should be in a position to answer questions about the property and the vicinity. With updated information and figures of the property and the surrounding areas, keeps customers in delight and also increases your credibility. 

An optimistic outlook

If you’re showing an apartment to a prospective tenant, a positive and friendly attitude will help you to close the deal. Or when you get a phone call from your tenant, asking to resolve a problem that they hope only you can fix, a can-do optimism will carry you a long way. 

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