Minerals And Metals Support Our Soldiers

Do you ever think about how much we owe to our military? It protects our country and helps maintain peace and stability in the regions critical to the US. We sleep under the blanket of the protection our soldiers provide. 

But we tend to forget that our soldiers also need to be protected. The one who stands a post must be armored and equipped. He will protect us only if he is protected. In this regard, minerals and metals play a vital role, as discussed in this blog.

Minerals And Metals Protect Our Soldiers

According to the National Mining Association, the US Department of Defense utilizes up to 750,000 tons of minerals annually.

Minerals and metals are essential ingredients for making jet fighters, body armors, lifesaving supplies and technologies. For instance, a thousand pounds of the rare-earth mineral are required for manufacturing the engines of an F-16.

Similarly, anti-corrosive copper is used for manufacturing the naval vessels. Therefore, the role of minerals and metals in keeping the soldiers safe cannot be undermined. 

Minerals And Metals Support Our Wounded Veterans

Minerals and metals are vital for making modern medical technologies which aid our troops. For example, copper and silver resist bacterial growth, and both are used in medicines.

Likewise, nickel and titanium are used for making prosthetic legs stentrodes. Considering our soldiers’ immeasurable sacrifices, it is crucial to ensure their safety. 

Why Are Mining Projects Facing Problems?

The proposal to increase the regulations and fees are discouraging investments in America’s domestic mineral mining projects. Unfortunately, the US has been dependent on the import of minerals for the last 20 years. 

The unstable trade relations are putting the US at a strategic disadvantage that affects the supply of mineral and metals. As a result, the safety of our soldiers is being compromised.  Minerals and metals are used for manufacturing military gear, weapon systems, and other defense applications. They are essential for protecting the military, which protects us.However, problems related to the mining projects and unstable imports must be solved to ensure an adequate supply of gear and resources to the soldiers. 

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