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Minimalist Web Design: Analyzing the Pros and Cons

Minimalist Web Design

In the present scenario, you will find that the designs of websites have changed over time in proportion with people’s choices and development of programming languages. Now minimalist web designs are in trend. By minimalist design, we can easily assume the optimized images and contents in the websites. While making the minimalist website, one should focus on the need of the viewers/users, user’s experience, the goal of the business. So, this design is all about scraping out all the junks and simplifying the website which supports a better user interface. 

Here some points you will find in the minimalist websites – 

·Use of empty spaces or negative spaces in different sections of websites which attracts users’ focus on the information appearing on the screen. 

·Large contrasting topic related images are used instead of negative spaces.

·Flat colors with bold text are used for effective user experience.

·Suitable typography is preferred to complement the designs.

 Pros of Minimalist Web Design

·Facile Navigation – The navigations do not consist of many clicks and dropdowns. The menu items are visible for navigation from one page to another. The simple navigation provides user-friendly access for the websites.

·Quick Loading – The minimalist websites are very fast because of limited texts and images, and thus the whole website can be easily downloaded in a few seconds. The viewer doesn’t have to wait long for the website to download; thus the popularity is accelerated.

·Search Engine Optimization – If the site has limited text and images, and loads fast, it will facilitate the SEO ranking. The bots can easily crawl the contents of the minimalist website as the website doesn’t contain junks and extra information.

·Fewer Problems – Mark-up validation, broken link, mobile version complex problem, slow page loading, non-specific page title, these problems are being avoided in the minimalist web designs.

·Call to action button – Minimalist websites are very natural and keep the focus of users on the topic. So, the call to action buttons can be perfectly placed from where users can easily track the button if they are interested in your service.

·Evergreen Style – Minimalist web design never goes out of style due to flat colours, sharp icons, and proper typography.

 Cons of Minimalist Web Design

  • As the website conveys limited words so, it not suitable for content-rich sites.
  • The use of negative space is very tricky. It needs repeated testing to make flawless. Otherwise, it will look scattered and unfinished.
  • It needs a high level of creativity to display a few words on a blank page with negative space.
  • It is less preferred for medium or high-level business to represent vast descriptions of products and services.

This minimalist design although is less preferred for some fields but it is very suitable for photographers, singers, freelancers, painters to represent their works in front of viewers. To create minimalist websites which highlight your business in the best manner possible, consult a reputed provider of best Sydney web design and get going.

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