Publishing content is an important part of their marketing strategy for many organizations. Companies that have a lot to say often write blogs or send newsletters. In practice, however, it turns out to be very difficult to hold attention. How do you ensure that your story gets across? Online magazines are the solution to this.

Print versus online magazines

Almost every organization has had a brochure or a magazine printed to convey its marketing message. Today this is no longer the norm. Printed matter is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to distribute.
Any errors can no longer be corrected. Online publications are the exact opposite: cheaper, can be distributed in countless ways, and always adaptable. Moreover, its success is easily measurable.

For that reason, digital, online publications, such as magazines, whitepapers, and brochures, fit perfectly into an omnichannel approach. From your publication, your potential customer can go to your website with one click. Or you give directions to your physical store via Google Maps.

Magazine next to your website

Many organizations already have a good website or webshop. What does a digital brochure or online folder add to that? Within a website, you are bound by a certain expectation pattern of how the site looks and functions. The visitor must find his own way on the menu. A digital brochure gives you control and the freedom to present your products in a way that convinces you.

With an online magazine, you have the space to tell your story in chronological order. On websites, people jump from one page to another. Your information is therefore fragmented. An online magazine presents your story from A to Z. This is also useful if, for example, you are writing an annual report or whitepaper.

Measure conversion with your online magazine

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You can therefore use an online magazine in many different ways, depending on your marketing objectives. Except inform and inspire you to products or services with magazine sales.

With a printed brochure, this conversion is difficult to measure, but with an online brochure, it is different. You can use it and the effect measure and continue to optimize the brochure or folder. This way you can keep improving all marketing communications so that they match the demand of your target group. You can continue to follow the reader of the brochure during the purchase process. From opening the advertising brochure to pressing the buy button: the entire process can be measured.

Make Virtual Magazines by yourself

There are various tools available to create virtual magazines yourself. Often these are programs that convert a PDF file into a flash application or some other digital form. The added value of this is limited. A printed magazine must meet completely different requirements than a digital (online) publication.

Therefore, choose a tool that is suitable for making online publications. FlipHTML5 is an example of this with the help of which, your magazine is easy to read on any device. Whether your target group uses a tablet, Smartphone, or computer, FlipHTML5 also gives you the option to add video and animations. You can share your virtual magazine on different social platforms.

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