Popular Temples of Myanmar

Popular Temples of Myanmar

As you already know that the country of Myanmar is one of the best and sincere Buddhist countries in the whole world. From the Northside to South Side and as well Eastern side to the Westside, there is a lot of unlimited temples that are distributed along the fields, mountains, and valleys. You can make your trip memorable with our Myanmar tour package that is really very helpful to travelers and tourists.

Here is given the top 10 temples of Myanmar, that you must visit during your trip to Myanmar, such as

  • Shwedagon Pagoda – Yangon
  • Lawkaoushaung Temple, Bagan
  • Tooth Relic Pagoda – Yangon
  • Buangdawgyoke Pagoda, Yangon
  • Sulamani Temple, Bagan
  • Bayin Nyi Monastery, Hpa An
  • Gawdawpalin Temple
  • Htilominlo Temple: Ode to an Umbrella
  • Sein Nyet Pagoda
  • Ananda Temple: The One Perfect Temple

How to Clothing When Sightseeing Temples in Myanmar

When you will go for sightseeing the temples in Myanmar, then you must have to dress conventionally to provide respect to the local culture. It has its meaning that you will surely have to cover your shoulders to knees. You can also wear a t-shirt if they cover your shoulders.

Here, both men and women follow the same dress code. If you plan to wear the shorts for the day although you also require to check out from some temple, and just keep a scarf with you and put it around your waist when going to a temple.

Best Time to Visit Myanmar (Burma)

While thinking about the best time to visit Myanmar (Burma), consider what it combines three popular reasons: The Monsoon season from June to September, the summer season from March to May, and the winter season from October to February.

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While it is an all year destination, the best time to spend your holidays in Myanmar (Burma) is the winter season (October to February) when the temperature levels are considerably more moderate just as there is next to zero precipitation. Myanmar can turn out to be amazingly occupied all through this time, so plan your trip out in front of time. Visiting Myanmar (Burma) all through the summer or monsoon season has the advantage of fewer sightseers and consequently lower costs. The wet season brings snappy however powerful showers, for the most part toward the evening, which only here and there sways visiting and furthermore presents to Myanmar (Burma’s) lavish scenes to life.