PUBG Lite Redeem Code For November 30 2021


PUBG Lite is an online multiplayer battle royale game that has over 1 billion downloads across all platforms. It is currently considered as one of the most downloaded mobile games ever amongst youngsters.

Because of the high demand of the game and the creators of PUBG wanted to increase their downloads across all platforms, particularly users that do not have a high-end smartphone or computer, the creators recently introduced PUBG Lite, a lower version of the game that can run on low-end smartphones and computers.

PUBG Lite has many attractive elements, including pubg lite redeem code 2021, where players do not have to pay anything and still get emotes, skins, and outfits along with many other things.

To help you out in saving a lot of money and still enjoy the game the same way gamers who pay for skins and outfits do, we are going to list down the things that you can do to redeem code pubg lite and get free skins, emotes, costumes, and many other items in the game.

How To Us PUBG Lite Redeem Code?

To avail of the freebies that are being offered by the creators of PUBG Lite via pubg mobile lite redeem code, follow the steps that we have listed below:

1.       The first thing you would have to do to pubg lite redeem code today is to visit the official redemption center website of PUBG Lite.

2. The second thing you would have to do is fill-up the form that pops up on the screen after clicking on the redemption center link.

3. The third thing that you would have to do is enter your PUBG Lite character ID.

4. The fourth thing you would have to do is do the Captcha verification to prove that you are not spamming.

5. After proving that you are not spamming, you would have to wait for the confirmation and click on the button that says “Redeem.”

6. Once the items have been redeemed; you want to open your game and go to the mail section. You will find all the redeemed items there, and all you would have to do is click on “Collect Gift” to enjoy them.

PUBG Lite Redeem Codes 

PUBG Mobile RewardsPUBG Mobile Rewards Redeem Codes
Racer Set (Gold)LEVIN1QPCZ
Desert Ranger SetBOBR3IBMT
Stealth Brigade SetZADROT5QLHP
Assassin Suit and Assassin BottomSIWEST4YLXR
Jester Hero Set and Jester Hero HeadgearHEALTH
Jester Hero Set and Jester Hero HeadgearHAPPYRAMADAN
Piglet SetPEACE
Lost Frequencies- RiseLOSTFREQPUBGM
AKM Glacier SkinSD14G84FCC
Golden Pan CodeJJCZCDZJ94
Free FireworksUKUZBZGWF
Get Free Falcon5FG10D33
New Legendary OutfitTIFZBHZK4A
SCAL- L Gun SkinSD16Z66XHH
Legendary Vehicle SkinRNUZBZ9QQ
Underground Crew SetHAPPINESS
3000 Silver fragsDKJU9GTDSM
Jester Hero HeadgearBMTBZBZ4ET
100 Silver FragmentsDKJU9GTDSM
The Skulls – GrozaPUBGM GROZA
Legendary OutfitTIFZBHZK4A
Duelist SetBEAUTY
Piglet SetPEACE
Bunny Dance, 200 BP, Casual Stroll SetDRPIKACHUPUBGM

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Question: Can you create your own code?

Answer: No, only the developers of the game can create a redeem code.

Question: How many times can you use a redeem code that’s listed above?

Answer: You can only redeem a code once on one account. Please do keep in mind that in order to get the gifts, the code needs to be working. Non-working codes will not give you anything in the game

Question: Do you have to pay to redeem the code?

Answer: No, the codes that we listed above are completely free. 

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