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Redgum Firewood for Sale: What Makes It Ideal for Firewood

redgum firewood

When it comes to heating a space economically without creating a mess, redgum makes an ideal fuel. It is a high-quality firewood that comes with lots of properties. It burns efficiently and results in consistent flames. Due to its qualities, the demand for redgum firewood for sale is always high, especially during winters. 

Redgum, also known as Eucalyptus camaldulensis, is an iconic tree from Australia. It is popular for its smooth bark and curved adult leaves. Its properties like strength, durability, and attractive red colour make it useful for a range of applications, including heavy construction, framing, fencing, and firewood. 

Used as firewood, redgum wood logs for sale make an ideal fuel option for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It produces impressive, consistent fire to make one feel toasty and warm during winters. Redgum is a hardwood, which means it lasts longer and burns equally. Below are some more benefits of the firewood, making redgum firewood for sale an ideal option to keep a place warm:

  • It Comes with High Heat Content

Usually, firewood is graded for its heat, which is measured by noticing the heat produced by it. Here, the dry weight of a wood type is divided by 11.2 (because the moisture content in dry firewood can be 12%). If the output is 100 or close to it, the firewood has high heat content. 

Hardwood is known for its dense nature. Redgum is a hardwood, which means it also comes with high heat content. It burns efficiently and produces impressive flames.

  • It is Easy to Start and Maintain
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Generally, softwood burns quicker than hardwood due to its low density. However, it is a quality that you also get in redgum. The hardwood type is easy to start. Apart from that, it doesn’t require external help to ensure that it keeps on burning for hours, making bulk firewood for sale a good option to heat a home. 

Redgum firewood burns evenly and effectively. 

  • It is Sustainable and Kind to the Environment

Unlike coal and natural gas, redgum is a sustainable fuel source. It is found in abundance in Australia. Also, you can understand more about its sustainability by knowing the sources of your firewood. Ensure that you only buy from a licensed, reputed supplier of firewood. 

When it comes to the qualities of redgum as firewood, the wood type doesn’t harm the environment. While burning, it produces less smoke than most firewood types. In addition, it doesn’t produce a lot of ash, which means it is good to burn in a fireplace inside the home. 

In the End 

Buying redgum firewood is not complex, especially when you know where to head. Some licensed suppliers allow buyers to get redgum firewood for sale online. You can place your order online and receive the firewood at your doorstep. All you need to do is to find a reputed supplier of redgum firewood near you. 

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