Best and Most Relaxing Massages You Can Take

Best and Most Relaxing Massages You Can Take

The massage is one of the most known and relaxing therapies that exist, and that’s for all the pros that one person can get for a simple massage like maintain a physical, mental and emotional state, especially when it’s in your regular wellness routine. Massages are more than a way to pamper ourselves and have a feel-good moment, they offer so many different health benefits to our bodies like reducing tension and anxiety, improve the blood circulation, also prevents and relieve muscle spasms and even calm the nervous system. However, so many types of massages exist, and, depending on which zone of your body needs aid, you need to know what are the best and most relaxing massages that you can find around the world.

What are the best massages that you can take in almost everywhere?

It’s strongly necessary to know the different types of massages, because, they can use certain kinds of oils and manual techniques that can be contagious to some people and even cause permanent damage in the skin, so let’s get started with the list.

Swedish Massage:

This is one of the most used therapy massage around the world which consists of using different manual techniques and special movements like muscle kneading or rolling with long and sweeping strokes and some friction. The massage therapist will start with the long and sweeping strokes that were previously mentioned and will end the process with it, the muscle rolling is going to be used to relax the tensed muscles and the friction will be used for fingertips, knuckles, and thumbs only if the muscles needs further pressure.

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The reason why this type of massage is one of the best is simply because is great for full-body relaxation and it’s recommended for those who want to recover for a muscle injury. If you never tried any massage before then you should start with the Swedish one.

Chair Massage:

Maybe you have seen this type of massage in malls or TV shows, the chair massage it’s perfect for those who don’t have much time because the total therapy only takes 10 or 15 minutes of massages, however, if the massage therapist isn’t an expert then it can be a long process. You only have to sit on a chair and the therapist will start doing some muscle strokes and that’s all, simple and faster.

The principal reason of why the people choices this type, is for the fact that you don’t have to take off your clothes (if you’re a shy person or simply don’t like that) and no oil is used in the therapy (this is to avoid any skin problem) , sadly, it can’t be used in all the body, only in certain parts of the upper body but it’s 100% recommended if you like to save some extra money, because this relaxing therapy is very cheap.

Aromatherapy Massage:

This is a Swedish therapy that consists of using some prepared oil to make a very relaxing massage. The therapist will select a certain type of oil to help your body to reach a total relax state while you’re being massaged. If you have some knowledge about the oils, then you can select what specific oil do you want to apply in your body. The main therapist will start the process by applying some oil on your shoulder and spread it over the other muscles, then, he/she will use manual techniques to reach a total relax state in the muscles, this is a long but enjoyable process.

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The aromatherapy massage it’s good for those who suffer any digestive disorder, premenstrual symptoms, back pain, headaches and even sleep problems, is recommended if you’re not allergic to the used oils, this is very important to see because it can cause irreparable damage to the skin.

Hong Kong Massage:

If you’re searching for a certain type of city where you can have some of the best massage therapies and don’t want to expend so much money in relax your body, then. Hong Kong is your dreamed place. Starting with the fact that you can find massage centers in almost every site of Hong Kong, even in places where they normally don’t offer these services in another part of the world (for example in Hong Kong you can have massages even in centers that are placed in alleys)

They offer so many different types of therapies (all that were posted before) but, you have to try the Hong Kong foot massage. This type of massage is performed in some areas of the feet, which end in the total relax of some parts of the body, this is achieved due to the connection and pleasure zones that are connected between these parts of the body, however, this process is not made it for all persons because it hurts a lot than more others massages.

But don’t let that to affect your motivation, the Hong Kong Foot massage is well performed for some of the best and strong prepared therapist that you can ever find, and its totally recommended if you’re suffering an injury that affect any part of the feet.

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These are the best massages that you can take, one can be more relaxing or painful than others, but at the end, your body will be totally recovered for any injury or physical problem that it’s suffering, you should try them at least in one occasion of your life.

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