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How to detect and repair a leaking water pipe

How to detect and repair a leaking water pipe

Water is an inevitable part of our life. No one can live without water it is our primary need to survive apart from the air.  But the shortage to water is increasing day by day so it becomes very necessary that whatever amount we have of water, we have to use it with proper attention and try not to waste even a small drop of it.

To detect the leakage of water you can install a passive or active water detection system. Whenever a leakage occur system will produces a alarm to notify about the water leak. Active systems generate some type of alarm same as passive systems, but also perform a function that will stop the water flow.

Unfortunately due to slow leak from the appliances it is very hard to detect the water leakage location. And if it goes undetected, a slow leak can lead to rotting house framing and sub-floors, and can be a precursor to a catastrophic leak that can release several gallons of water per minute, causing extensive water damage. So a water leak detection system may help prevent these problems.

If you don’t have any water detection system installed at your home then note the water-usage reading on the meter, and record the reading each hour the water is turned off. Increased usage even when the water is shut off is an indicator that you may have a leaking pipe somewhere in the house. Compare your current water bills time to time. If they show a significant increase in your water usage, you may have a leaking water main. Look for stains, cracks or bubbling in ceilings and walls that are directly beneath bathrooms. Water that leaks from hidden pipes will pool for a period of time before you see signs on your ceiling or walls.

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After being acknowledge about the leak you can repair it yourself or can go for a water pipe leak services. If you are going to repair it yourself then first collect all the tools which will be needed. Then you need to stop the water supply to the portion. After that you have to cut the portion of the pipe from where it’s leaking with the help of hacksaw and knife. Then add the new pipe to that part.  If the hole is small then it can be fixed with help of a tape only, you just have to wrap the tape on the hole. And if you are not able to do it yourself then you can always go for water leak repair services. You have to just call for the services and they will send someone to your home to check it and repair it. So if you have a problem of leakage at your home than with all these tips you can’t say that you can’t control it or repair it.