Should I Get Treatment For Abnormal Vaginal Discharge?

abnormal vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal occurrence and generally, it is not a cause for concern. In fact, it has some benefits for the female reproductive system. The discharge, which is secreted by the glands inside the cervix and the vagina, takes away bacteria and dead cells and keeps the vagina free of infections. However, there might be some types of discharges that can be a cause or result of infections. Such a discharge has an irregular and abnormal color, consistency, or smell and can cause vaginal burning and itching. This indicates the occurrence of an abnormal condition or infection.

Vaginal discharge that has an irregular color or smells foul can be a matter of worry. Women should immediately book an appointment with an expert gynecologist in Delhi if they notice anything as such. Here, the possible causes of treatment and prevention techniques of vaginal discharge of abnormal nature are explained further. 

Until no pain is caused by vaginal discharges, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you feel pain, discomfort, or a burning or itching sensation down there because of vaginal discharge, you should not neglect it. Attend the matter immediately and see a good gynecologist for abnormal vaginal discharge treatment in Delhi at the soonest.

Types of Vaginal Discharge

Generally, vaginal discharge is composed of mucus, water, and cells that are normally present in our body. The discharge is as normal as saliva in our mouth, but if it is in excess quantity or is accompanied by abnormal and painful symptoms, it should not be avoided or ignored. Abnormal changes in the amount, smell, and color of vaginal discharge should be discussed with the gynecologist as it may be responsible for or the result of an abnormal condition. Different types of vaginal discharge along with their causes are listed below.

  • Clear and transparent discharge: A clear and transparent vaginal discharge is normal as long as it is not accompanied by any uncomfortable sensations or pain. This is usually seen between the period cycle of a woman. However, if the amount of vaginal discharge increases or it causes itchiness, you should consult a doctor. 
  • Milky White discharge: A milky white discharge of thick consistency is known as leukorrhea. It normally occurs in the beginning or the end of a menstrual cycle. During ovulation, this discharge becomes very thick and it can have a milky white appearance. As long as it causes no itching, pain, burning sensation or rashes, it is normal. But if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should consult your gynecologist. 
  • Brown or bloody discharge: When periods come to an end, the vaginal discharge can be light red or brown,  and this is completely normal. Between the periods, you can experience a bloody discharge and this is called spotting, which is normal too. If you have a bloody discharge just after having intercourse, it can be a sign of pregnancy. Pink or brown bleeding or discharge can also be implantation bleeding, which is one of the first signs of pregnancy. In addition to these cases, a bloody or brown discharge can also be an indication of endometrial cancer or cervical cancer. 
  • Green discharge: A green vaginal discharge is caused due to trichomoniasis, which is a sexually transmitted infection. The odor of a green vaginal discharge is quite foul and it can cause discomfort while urinating,  itchiness and a burning sensation, along with pain while intercourse. 
  • Yellow discharge: A yellow colored vaginal discharge is seen when there is an infection in the reproductive system of a woman. A pale yellow and odorless vaginal discharge is a result of hormonal changes. Common reasons for the occurrence of a yellow discharge can be bacterial vaginosis. It is a bacterial infection in the vagina. It happens due to the use of scented soaps liquids and washes around the vaginal area. It can also be a side effect of laser treatment or waxing. The discharge can give a bad odor after sexual intercourse and can cause itching, rashes and pain. You should consult an experienced gynecologist in Delhi immediately if you notice a yellow discharge on your underwear.

When do you need to visit a gynecologist for abnormal vaginal discharge?

Generally, vaginal discharge is not a cause of worry, but when the discharge becomes abnormal and unusual, it can be the sign of an underlying serious condition or an infection. If your discharge becomes sticky and you notice changes in the color and amount, you should talk to an expert gynecologist in Delhi and discuss the symptoms. It is important that you don’t ignore your sexual and intimate health. You should make an appointment with your gynecologist if the vaginal discharge is accompanied with itching, burning sensation, foul smell, vaginal bleeding and pain.

A gynecologist will help you ascertain the cause of the unexpected changes in this vaginal discharge and can also provide you with an effective alternative treatment. You should consult the best team of gynecologists in Delhi at Pristyn Care who can provide you with an effective and safe treatment for abnormal cases of vaginal discharge.

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