Sterling Silver: What Is It? How To Take Care Of It?

Sterling Silver

When you have the perfect piece of sterling silver sun necklace in your hand, you might never want to take it off. If not a necklace, it can be a wedding ring or an elegant bracelet, which you will most likely wear every day. 

Each metal has properties that require attention and care at different levels. While talking about silver or sterling silver jewellery, there are a few things to consider. You can protect your moon sun necklace from getting tarnished or damaged by following the guidelines. 

The sterling silver sun necklace is a delicate piece of jewellery, and you must be wondering whether you should wear it every day or not, Right? So finally, we have the answer to your question that will allow you to cherish your jewellery for ages to come. 

Few Things To Avoid While Wearing Your Silver Moon Sun Necklace:

You may love wearing your sterling silver jewellery all the time, but what three main things you must avoid while wearing it? Avoid the following things to slow down the tarnishing process and help you have a shiny piece of jewellery. 

  • Avoid Moisture

Humidity in the air can tarnish your jewellery no matter how you protect it. However, one short dip in the water while wearing the sterling silver sun necklace will not lead to an immediate tarnish to it. Moreover, if possible, one must avoid even that short dip. 

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If the jewellery piece gets wet, make sure to thoroughly wipe it with a soft cloth and allow the jewellery to dry before wearing it again. 

  • Avoid Chemicals Or Household Cleaners

Another crucial thing to avoid while wearing a jewellery piece is avoiding contact with household chemicals. If you are not wearing it all the time, make sure to store your jewellery somewhere safely in a piece of cloth or cotton. Immediate contact with chemicals can quickly corrode it and cause irreparable damage.

  • Avoid The Open Air Contact  

One can’t be sure of having 100% pure oxygen in the environment – some water particles in the air gradually tarnish the silver cross necklace for women. So it is okay to wear the jewellery piece out in the open, but it is a big no to store them without layers of protection. 

How To Maintain Your Sterling Silver Jewellery Piece?

You must polish or clean your jewellery regularly to avoid causing any damage to it. Storing the piece nicely will not only protect it from getting tarnished but will also add to the longevity of your sterling silver jewellery. 

Regular Polishing Of The Sterling Silver Jewellery. 

You can ask for a professional’s assistance or do it yourself with tried and tested methods. A few ways to polish your jewellery involves:

  • Use a gentle soap with water to clean and polish your jewels. It is quick and affordable to keep it looking as good as new. 
  • The use of olive oil and lemon juice is another best product to use to clean and polish all types of metals, including sterling silver. The acidity of lemon removes corrosion, and olive oil polishes the surface. 
  • Baking soda and vinegar are often mixed with cleaning household items and can clean and polish jewellery pieces. These products react together and result in scrubbing off tarnish. 
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Proper Storing Process For Sterling Silver

If you fail to store your jewellery pieces inappropriately, it tarnishes or damages the product. Here are a few simple storage rules you must know:

  • Do not store in the open air.
  • Do not store in the sun or heat. 
  • Always keep them in dark, cool and dry places. 
  • Do not place many jewellery pieces together in a single box or bag. Instead, each must be kept in separate wash bags. 
  • Completely dry them before placing them in an airtight box or zip lock bags. 

Where To Shop?

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