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Store your bulk purchased dry woods properly to use them season after season!

Store your bulk purchased dry woods properly

Bulk purchasing is always tempting. Not only it costs you less, but also you can get free delivery and quality wood without worrying about running out of them during winters. However, in the long run, if you plan a vacation right after stocking up bulk firewood, you might want to store them without ruining them for the next season.

Do you know the best ways to store them and understand if they are ready to burn when you get their supply? For example, you might purchase the best bulk firewood in NSW, but it’s a waste if you can’t maintain it in the wet seasons and use them for another winter too. 

Store the woods in store:

How to store wood in the log store?

The ideal place to store bulk firewoods is a purpose-built log store. If your place permits, a log store is an ideal investment even for the future. Try to place your log store in the direct sunlight to allow the air to flow freely. Placing the wood store at a damp place ruins the purpose hysterically. 

How should a log store be?

Your log store should be slatted and open. Any moisture rain will evaporate with the wind, and you won’t find any mold or insects that thrive on a closed containment when you take your logs out weeks or months later.

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What is the ideal location to store woods?

Open location and storage are essential unless you overexpose them to excessive winds. Winds can evaporate rains, but do you know that it takes months for the woods to become dry again? Moderation never hurts anybody!

Is it okay to store the wood logs in the backyard?

Storing woods anywhere but under a tree is ideal storage for the bulk firewoods you got from the sale. Overhead branches that are filled with rainwater ruins the dry logs and cause moisture to grow.

What if I place my wood logs in my garden?

Storing your woods on the grass is nothing but a huge mistake. The grass has moisture, and dry woods can easily absorb moisture. The damage is not only done to the woods that are in contact with the grass, but the moisture also reaches the pile above. 

What should I do when I get the delivery?

If you had got the delivery before you got your log store, then worry not; you can place your woods in an open space, maybe the side of your porch, until your log space arrives. The space should be raised above the ground, stored under a roof. 

Why is it important to use only dry wood?

When you burn dry woods, you reduce your carbon footprint on the plant. However, the wet wood logs produce a lot of smoke which is not good for the environment. All appliances and chimneys suffer the consequences of wet wood. 


The firewood suppliers supply woods in many types: soft or hardwoods, quick to light or difficult to light, fast-burning, long-lasting burn, large or small flames. Choose the best woods and store them properly so that you can use them season after season!

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