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Plants are the most essential elements that are required by everyone. Without plants, there is no life possible. Plants provide basic needs like food and oxygen and they improve the atmosphere these are benefits of plants. There are many studies suggesting that plants improve focus and concentration. Scholars use these plants in colleges, schools, and universities purposefully. Plants eliminate harmful oxidants and pollutants from the air, makes us calm, and helps to improve concentration.

Here the plants that we can place in our study room:

Lucky Bamboo:

There is research conducted by the American Horticultural Therapy Association and stated that many students keep lucky bamboo in their study room and performed better in their exams compared to others. Of course, everyone needs to study but with the lucky bamboo plants influence the positive energies around us. This plant brings positive energy around us and influence to increase concentration. You can send flowers to Dubai online.

Jasmine Plant: 

As we know, we can use jasmine plants for indoor and outdoor use. This plant produces a great fragrance. This soothing fragrance helps us to stay calm and increase senses’ strength and helps in having a good sound sleep. There are studies suggesting that jasmine plants can remove anxiety and stress from people. It can help to increase the decision-making process. With the increase in the decision-making process and concentration, a student can perform well in their exams and academics. You can get these plants from a florist in Sharjah.

Rose Plant: 

As we know the rose is the most influencing and attractive plant in the world. There are many types of research are going around the rose and they have concluded that it helps in increasing the focus in the people. Rose plant has a special fragrance and it makes people more relax and calm and looses up the mind. By this productivity of people will increase. Now you can send flowers to Sharjah

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Zanzibar Gem Plant: 

Zanzibar gem plant is also known as the ZZ plant. It is one of the toughest plants in the plant kingdom. ZZ plant does not require more sunlight and water needs it can be moist for weeks in any condition. Therefore, this makes this plant suitable for students who live in PG or hostel who do less plant care. This plant produces pure oxygen that helps in the improvement of physical and mental state. Thus, the ZZ plant is perfect for those who study all night.

Orchids Plant: 

Orchid plants are visually beautiful plants and the best part of them is that they are available all over the year. These flowers are beautiful, elegant, and eye-catching and they spread positive energy around us. These plants help in boosting our minds and helps us to stay calm. Once people stay calm and concentrate then it is enough to get good results with better ideas.

Ponytail Palm Plant:

Ponytail palm plant got this name because its leaves look like ponytails. This ponytail plant adds beauty to the room and they remove toxins from the room by eliminating pollutants from the air. This plant does not require much care and less cost-effective and stylish plants come with special benefits. One of the reasons for students feeling ill or unhealthy, headaches because of the excess of carbon dioxide in the room. A ponytail plant can remove the excess of carbon dioxide from the room and helps to get enough fresh oxygen and remove pollutants from the room.

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