green tea

Tea Seller Guide – Tea Types and Australian Tea Companies


green tea

Which tea is better to sell? How much tea should you sell? Here’s a  quick guide to selecting the right tea for your tea business. The  Australian tea companies often ask these questions. So, why not get a guide for different types of tea for Australian tea companies.

Black Tea

It’s the western favourite of the world. It’s a dark brew with a strong taste and aroma. It’s a great blend of sugar and milk. Most  Australian tea companies prefer to buy black tea because it has high sales. It’s the tea base for ‘Chai Tea’. There are many grades in black tea. It can go for a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Green Tea

Many Australian tea companies keep green tea in stock. That’s because a lot of tea lovers buy green tea online. It’s a famous tea in the present era. It has germ-fighting properties and is slimming. Chinese green tea is cheaper and has a robust taste. Japanese green tea is grassier and smoother in taste. It’s better if the Australian tea companies keep green tea in stock.

Black Dragon Tea

It’s an oolong tea. It’s one of the best types that you can have after meals. Oolong is addictive. That’s why most Australian tea companies keep it in stock. It’s one of the best teas for digestion. It’s good for weight loss. It varies from green tea to black tea.

White Tea

White has a light taste. It’s the least processed tea and has the lowest tannins. The tea gets its name from the colourless brew it produces. The antioxidant powerhouse has a high price and good quality. The good taste is because of the buds and not tea leaves.

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Fruit Infusions

Most often Australian tea companies keep fruit infusions in stock. It’s a great family favourite. The fruit infusion is a blend of dried fruits. You can enjoy it hot or cold. It’s caffeine-free and high in vitamin C. Plus, you can put it on your kid’s menu. The best part is you can condense it into waffles, mocktails and syrups. It has all the natural flavours added.

Herbs online in Australia

Since the ancient era, people have been using herbal tea for healing. Herbs online in Australia enliven and rejuvenates you. Plus, it enhances your well-being. Most herbs don’t consist of caffeine. Some herbs are made of yerba mate, guarana and cocoa. Check out the ingredients before you consume the herbs online. 

To briefly paraphrase, you can now answer all the tea-related questions with the above tips. Get in touch with the right Australian companies and see what you must have in stock. The right tea type will definitely attract lots of tea lovers to your online shop. Make you tea-time divine with the right type of tea. 

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