The Best of Melbourne: Takeaway Edition

The Best of Melbourne: Takeaway Edition

As a well-traveled writer, I’ve experienced a lot of great and not-so-great food. From Michelin star restaurants to fast-food chains, every meal provides an opportunity to experience a little bit of culture and history of the place I’m visiting with every bite. When it comes to Melbourne, there’s plenty of great food selections to choose from, but I found some of my favourite selections in seemingly inauspicious takeaway restaurants. Whether I’m looking for the best halal food near me or good local takeaway near me to dig into on my night off, one of my biggest travel tips is not to overlook the little restaurants. In my experience, these places always seem to tap into the true lifeblood of a city, and nowhere is that more true than Melbourne. Read on for three of my favourite takeaway joints located in the inner west neighbourhoods of Melbourne:

1. Pizza D’Asporto

Located in Yarraville, this charming Italian restaurant offers a fairly authentic Italian experience for decent prices. Their focaccia starters are popular with new visitors and regulars alike, but you can’t go wrong with their takeaway pizza or pasta options. Halal food is a little challenging to find at first, but you can get there with some patience navigating the menu. Their restaurant is consistently clean and boasts polite and well-trained staff, and their constant stream of guests proves their popularity and high-quality food.

2. Duchess of Spotswood

A sweet cafe nestled into the heart of Spotswood and close to South Kingsville, Duchess of Spotswood is a great stop for someone looking for elegant takeaway options. Housed in a former butcher shop, the cafe offers personal yet traditional English fare perfect for a home party where cooking just isn’t enough. There are some menu options to cater to vegan and halal diners as well, which is a big plus. Though small, they manage to get takeaway orders out fairly quickly, so plan ahead if you want to enjoy their tasty treats!

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3. Dukkah Restaurant

This restaurant is my absolute favorite. I stumbled upon it when looking for good halal food near me, and you can’t get better Middle Eastern food than this cozy restaurant in South Kingsville. Their takeaway menu is one of the most diverse around, catering to vegan, vegetarian, halal, and celiac diets. Their boutique wine selections and beer offerings are a perfect complement to some of their better dishes, like my personal favorite, the divine Shawarma Tagine with cheese cigars on the side. As an added plus, their takeaway containers are completely eco-friendly, so I don’t have to feel bad about ordering extra to store for tomorrow. Within five minutes driving distance of Yarraville, Williamstown, Footscray, and Spotswood, it’s easy to reach and the best takeaway near me whenever I visit.

There are plenty of delicious food options in and around Melbourne, but sometimes takeaway food can be the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing evening to yourself. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Middle Eastern dish or a nice slice of pizza, you’re sure to find the perfect takeaway to complement your evening.