The Best of the CBD Oil Vape Pens for Sale in the UK!

CBD Oil Vape Pens for Sale

If you want to vape CBD, then you will need all the vaping kits to help you do just that. However, the first decision you need to make is the type of CBD that you will be vaping. You basically have the choice between two main vape liquids for CBD – CBD e liquid and CBD vape oil. CBD e liquid is akin to any other e liquid but rather than nicotine or flavouring it is blended with hemp extract. This means you can use the same device you would use to vape any other e liquid. CBD vape oil (which I personally prefer) is a much thicker, stickier substance. It is hemp extract mixed with terpenes and nothing else. As a result of this it requires a specific CBD oil vape pen. In this post, I will discuss the oil vape pens for sale in the UK – sharing with you my favourite! 

Vaping CBD is one of the most effective ways to take CBD as the CBD is able to enter your blood more quickly through your lungs. Moreover, vaping CBD oil is one of the strongest ways to take CBD. This is because, as said up front, the CBD is in its purest form and not diluted down by any other liquid (as is the case with the CBD e liquid) meaning that each puff gives you a stronger hit and so you don’t have to vape as much to reach the desired effect! For me, this is ideal as I am not a serious vaper and only wanted to go this route because it’s the quickest way to feel the CBD and so helps calm me down immediately when I am feeling anxious or have a panic attack. 

Now, when I say vaping CBD oil, I do not mean that I buy a tincture of CBD oil and then use that to vape. This will not work and might even break whatever device you are using. If you vape, you need to buy CBD that is specifically designed for vaping – the most predominant being CBD e liquid or CBD vape oil. Due to the thicker consistency of the vape oil, it requires a device that is powerful enough to heat it up. This is what is called a cannabis or marijuana vape pen in the US, but over here a CBD oil vape pen. There are quite a few options of oil vape pens for sale in the UK, but as with anything some are far better than others. 

I think that it is always important to be safe when it comes to something like vaping so do try to go with a higher quality device. This will not only be safer for you, but it will also make the vaping experience far better and tastier. CBD vape oils don’t really come in a disposable option (thankfully for the future of the world!) so you will usually buy a vape battery device and then attach your choice of CBD vape oil cartridge. In the UK, CBD vape oil is only just beginning to become more prevalent and available in the market following on from its popularity in the US (most likely given that it is purer and therefore the healthiest way to vape CBD). As such, there are only a handful of brands selling high strength CBD cartridges. My favourite of these are the Paso CBD carts that are 65% CBD and CBG plus other minor cannabinoids. I really feel the hit plus this is how I came across the best oil vape pen for sale in the UK. Their 510 thread CBD vaporiser is sleek, easy to use and great functionality for the price point. It has a variable voltage setting (meaning you can also use with CBD e liquid cartridges that are 510 compatible) and it has preheat functionality that will make for a better vape experience as it will prep the oil in advance of your vape. All this for under £20! 

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for affordable, durable CBD oil vape pens for sale in the UK!

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