Things to Do on Your trip of Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh trip

Leh Ladakh Buddhist Cloisters

There are 35 Buddhist cloisters in Ladakh visited by voyagers consistently, likewise one of the greatest fascinations for Buddhist the travel industry in Leh Ladakh. The most popular ones are Hemis Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Thicksey Monastery, Likir Monastery, and Phugtal Monastery. Diskit Monastery is the biggest place of Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages cloister in Ladakh. It is found profound into the Nubra Valley locale and has an enormous statue of Maitreya Buddha looking down the Shyok stream.

Dream to Travel Leh Ladakh?

I know you were then to visit Leh Ladakh but still, your dream is just a dream. If you want to visit Leh Ladakh in a planned and organized manner, then you should check this out. You really want to then this comment is a good alarm that despite Ladakh being hit by over-tourism in the last few years, it’s still one of the very remarkable places on this planet.

There are ways to travel to Ladakh in a way that you minimize your impact on the environment and cause the least possible damage. We will talk about this at last. But let’s start with something which astonishes, we have never written much about, planning your trip to Leh, Ladakh.

First Things First – Leh and Ladakh are not Identical to Each Other

Leh is the district headquarters and Ladakh is a district in India state Jammu and Kashmir. The best situation to travel Leh and Ladakh is when you want a relaxing and break trip from your work life. Or you want to plan a trip with your girlfriend or spouse to make her pleased by your love.

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My Dream Trips

These 2 places are really dreaming trip for everyone. The calm feeling of this place really works as mediation for the traveler. This place has lots to explore and consider as the best solo trip destination. The most bookings for this trip are from Delhi. Every tourist from out of India have to visit Delhi and many of them book Leh Ladakh tour packages from Delhi.

Ladakh Here We Come

I need to say that even the road leading to Ladakh has its own demand. When you’re approximate to reach the destination, the very first glimpse of this snow loaded heaven brings a glimmer in your eyes! Just imagine looking down on a silent, good-natured, greenish-blue lake, stunning, isn’t it?

Or believe the vision of surprising mountains greeting you, that became a welcome I can in no way forget. There’s nothing more spellbinding than nature’s deed in Ladakh… And then as you enter Leh, the distinctive mountains (yes, those which our televisions have made very popular) greet you with their silent white faces.

Listen to Logic

I would endorse fellow guests to Ladakh to spend the primary day in Ladakh acclimatizing with the climatic conditions. For me, things had an epic showdown. Logic and motive demanded that I ought to rest. But my incorrigible curiosity stored nagging me to discover this place a few more.

Thankfully, food came to the rescue (by way of the way, my pals who ventured out while not having rested ended up feeling as a substitute sick and queasy). The incredible Thukpa and Tsampa (Tibetan Noodles) served via the restaurant not best satisfied the flavor buds, but also satisfied me that exploring can wait; a lazy nap cannot!

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There are tons to see, plenty to cherish and much to get back from a journey to Ladakh. I got reminiscences limitless and so will you. If you want to plan a long trip like 7 to 8 days then you should explore Delhi first. After exploring the highly busy city Delhi you should plan a trip to Leh Ladakh from Delhi. The best way to organize this trip is Delhi one day tour package.

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