Tips to Build up Concepts for a Subject


Learning a new subject or concept can be a hassle or fun, depending on how you approach it. By instilling new concepts into your minds, you can bypass the frustration that comes with learning new things and reach the stage of success. Whether preparing for a board exam or any other competitive exam, it is crucial to master the concepts thoroughly, in order to make learning more enjoyable. So, now learning is no more a struggle, and we have provided some tips here in this article to make it easy for the students.   

Studying the concepts and mastering them requires commitment and access to perfect resources. One such resource, highly appreciated by the students of Maharashtra Board, is the Maharashtra State Board Books PDF Free Download. From the assignments to the exercises found in these books for the respective subjects and corresponding classes, the lessons are very interactive and designed to hold the interest of the students. 

How to Build the Concepts? 

These tips and strategies may help you to completely grasp the concepts in a very easy manner. 

  • An acronym, a mental association with a picture or colour, is the best way to comprehend a concept. The school textbooks from lower grades, as prescribed by the relevant state board or other education boards, tend to emphasise this while they try to assist students in understanding, and thus establish a solid grounding in concepts and subjects required for higher classes. 
  • Applying the 80/20 principle can sometimes make the concepts easier to understand. In other words, by focusing on the 20% of the concepts that form the basis for at least 80% of the questions that could be asked in an exam, you can master the concepts more easily.
  • Dividing the topics into easy to understand concepts makes it easier for you to get a proper foundation in the required subjects. Concentrating on each individual concept and understanding how they all work together will help you to learn faster and master each concept thoroughly.
  • By writing down the concepts, the main points and the theorems or formulas related to a concept is the best way to memorise it better. We encourage you to study for the exams in a way that suits you best so that you will be able to retain more of what you learn. 
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While you’re at it, it’s also suggested that the best way to study and build a foundation for a subject is to master its concepts during your early classes. In this way, you will be able to progress more quickly in your exam preparation as well as score better on your board exams. 

When you find any concept to be difficult to understand, you can read up on the topic from lower-class textbooks. Hence, mastering all the concepts given in the Maharashtra State Board 7th Std Books PDF free download for the required subject will help you to get a proper foundation and thus, score well in the exams. 

For mastering the concepts completely, repetition and consistency are crucial. Engaging in some brain exercises could also help you grasp concepts more easily and retain them much longer, thus enabling you to perform well in class and in the exams. 

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