Top 10 Kid-Approved Attractions in Put-In-Bay

Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island has a reputation as being one of the best Family holiday destination in Ohio. Your kids can enjoy the breeze on the Ferry Ride as they get excited for all the fun and games awaiting them at the several beautiful parks like DeRivera and Family Fun centers like Perry’s cave in Put-In-Bay. Be sure to check local guides such as to learn various fun activities on the island. 

So, as you put your itinerary in order, here is a list kid-approved attraction sites in Put-In-Bay that is a must visit for the family.

1) DanDee’s Snack Shack

Your kids will love this place. 

They will enjoy hot dogs Cheeseburger, hamburgers and ice cream treats specially prepared and made by DanDee’s Snack Shack. There is plenty of tantalizing bites to fill the kid’s appetite from corn dogs, Fresh French fries, chicken tenders, onion rings, mac & cheese bites, funnel fries, and the delicious mozzarella cheese sticks.

2) Put-In-Bay Parks

There are a few parks but the two main one synonymous with tourist who visit Put-in-Bay are South Bass State Park and DeRivera Park. South Bass State Park is located at the end of Catawba road, this park offers 125 non- electric camping sites and 10 full-service ones. There are bathhouses available at the park for restroom facilities and showers. The kids will enjoy the camping activities here.

DeRivera Park is quite large and has got plenty to offer. This includes a huge gazebo, several historical monuments, fountains, antique weaponry, among others. DeRivera Park is located in downtown Put-In-Bay.

It is a perfect place shaded with huge trees to relax as you check out the main drag and lake view. The kids will enjoy running around and playing in the park.

3) Rock Climbing Wall

This fun activity is available at Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center.

The Rock-Climbing Wall is a 25 ft. rock wall that was recently upgraded in 2018 and undergoes maintenance regularly. The challenge is great for both beginner kids and even kids who have done this before. The challenge is all about racing to the top. 

The center ensures all safety standard are met for all kids participating in the challenge. Your kids will be strapped into harnesses before they start their ascent. The hand holds are color coded to guide the kids and to make the experience fun.

4) Butterfly House

The butterfly house is also just next to Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center. The house, which is a large green house with a beautiful garden and large cocoon to view the butterflies is well built and relaxing to be inside. 

There are over 500 different species of butterflies from all over America. However, a majority of this huge butter flies are from Costa Rica. You can stay in the butterfly house for as long as you want with the kids.

The entry fee is very minimal and the gift shops has items you can buy for your Kids as souvenirs. Since the butterfly house is a green house, expect humid temperatures while visiting.  Also, the butterflies will land on you and your kids but they are not to touch them. The good thing is that they are not militant.

There is a rock fountain in the rear which can be a good staging area for a family photo with the flying butterflies.

5) Perry’s Cave

Perry’s cave is estimated to be 208 ft long and about 165 ft wide. It’s a small cave.  A tour down the cave leads to an underground freshwater lake and it’s still a clean water source with pipes structures inside the cave. Geological finds such as stalagmites and stalactites made from many years of calcium carbonate deposits are found here.

It’s advisable that you and your kids bring sweatshirts as the temperature underground is estimated to be 50 degrees all year. Also, bring comfortable walking shoes with traction as the cave features steep slopes that descends down into an opening to the underground lake. 

The lake inside the cave fluctuates in depth with the rise and fall of Lake Erie. It with your time and it will take you less than 30 minutes for the tour.

6) Gemstone Mining

Just outside perry’s cave, you can purchase a bag of rough mix and then let the kids have fun with gem mining activity. The experience is fun for kids as the water washes off the sand and the kids do the sift for about an hour to get their precious gem.

Also, you can purchase an uncut geode and proceed to the geode cutting station where it can be cut into two to reveal the inner beauty of this rough gemstone.

7) Historical Museum

What better place to watch an informational video about the South Bas Island than at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum? The museum has three buildings each dedicated to information on the ships that have sailed here, history of winemaking at Put-In-Bay, and the bay’s genealogy.

Lake Erie Islands Historical Society is centrally located within the Island. The locals donated a large variety of antiques for the preservation of the Islands’ history, be it military and local history artifacts.

8) Antique Car Museum

At Perry’s Cave & Family Center there is a car museum with free entry for all. Here you can view the islands oldest car models and vintage, road signs, and gasoline memorabilia. The care collection was started by one Charles “Skip” Duggan and welcomed everyone with an antique and/or vintage car to join. The kids will love the display of cars and take pictures.

9) Fort aMaze’n

This is the only giant maze challenge available in Put-In-Bay.

This is a fun filled activity that kids will love as they race to locate and mark special stops along the maze.  You can play as many times as you try to beat your own persona best time. Families can play this game as a team or race against each other. Also, there is an observation tower above the maze. It’s safe as the staff are always there to assist the kids.

10) War of 18 Holes

This is a great course that your kids should not miss to explore. It’s located under a canopy of shade trees and flowers. The kids will love exploring the historical facts such Commodore Oliver Perry’s role in the War of 1812 and in the much-celebrated victory at Lake Erie. 

The kids will be walked through the, waterfall cave, covered bridge, and winding paths throughout the War of 18 Holes putt miniature golf course. 

Your family vacation in Put-in-Bay won’t be complete unless you and your loved ones cruise from one attraction site to another in golf carts. Generally, Put-in-Bay golf carts are easy to operate. Just turn the key and you are off for a memorable adventure. 

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