Top 3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Vinyl Decals

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are one of the best traditional advertising methods for small and large business owners. Even if you’re familiar with the concept of vinyl decals, you might now know some key features about them. From promoting your business and enhancing brand awareness to withstand harsh weather conditions, the vinyl stickers will never disappoint you. Therefore, you can discover numerous hidden benefits while using vinyl decals. Many business owners think vinyl stickers and vinyl decals are different. However, they are similar and serve similar properties. 

Even if you’re using vinyl decals to promote your business and brand, there are some essential things you might not know about them. Learning about the hidden features will allow you to leverage the proper benefits of the vinyl decals. Here are the top 3 things you might not know about the vinyl decals. 

Vinyl Decals are Extremely Waterproof

Even though vinyl decals are waterproof, make sure you remember some key points. In general, the vinyl decals are not waterproof. They will face difficulties withstanding moderate weather conditions for a long time. This is why we laminate the vinyl decals to use them for your outdoor advertising purposes. This thin lamination layer will undoubtedly extend the longevity of the vinyl decals for up to 8 years. The lamination will also ensure that the condition of the vinyl decals is top-notch throughout the years. Laminated vinyl decals are extremely weather-proof. Neither sun nor rain can damage the laminated vinyl decals. 

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If you’re planning to use vinyl decals to promote your business, you need to make sure they are laminated. This way, they will become the best outdoor advertising technique for your brand. 

They Are Super Easy to Clean 

Whether you’re planning to install the promotional, attractive, and high-quality vinyl decals to your business vehicle, shop sign, or trade show booth, it’s imperative to ensure that you keep them in good condition. A professional and eye-catching vinyl sticker will say a lot about your business. The primary objective of the vinyl stickers is to capture the attention of potential customers. When you laminate the vinyl decals, you won’t have to face problems regarding the cleaning and maintenance methods. Make sure you use a damp cloth to clean your promotional and laminated vinyl decals. If the stain is rough, consider using a cleaning solution. 

They Are Highly Durable 

When you purchase vinyl decals, you want them to be highly durable. As you will be using the vinyl decals for outdoor promotional purposes, the durability will play a massive role in determining their lifespan. As per Forbes, the outdoor promotional methods are still dominating. When the vinyl decals are durable, they remain attached to the surface you decide to remove them forcefully. Additionally, remember that vinyl decals are more durable than ordinary paper stickers. The laminated vinyl decals will handle the rough weather conditions easily. On the other hand, the paper stickers will be damaged when they are exposed to the outdoor elements. Not to mention, you can easily remove the vinyl decals without causing any damage to the surface. However, removing the paper stickers is challenging as they leave residues behind. 

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These are the top 3 things you probably don’t about vinyl decals. If you want to use vinyl decals to promote your business, make sure you visit our website.