Tips To Improve Your appearance On Video Conferencing Calls

Tips To Improve Your appearance On Video Conferencing Calls

Video conferencing calls and virtual meetings are the most vital necessities of today’s digital world. It is very essential to appear excellent during the video conferencing calls whether you are using any video conferencing application such as Zoom, Slack, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Duo.

Here we discuss some tips and ideas which can help you to appear fine during the video calls. These tips are very basic and simple but it will improve the quality of your video conferencing call. No one is perfect and you do not require being fantastic or supreme on a video conferencing call but you make sure that you must try to minimize the disturbance during the video conferencing call. To reduce the disturbance during the video conferencing call, the video calling application “Zoom” offers you Free Virtual Office Backgrounds that offer you to change your real background.

  • Raise your camera at height but not too much high

The camera is one of the most important factors of your video call. You need to position your camera accurately because your camera plays a significant role in video conferencing calls. The camera needs to be pointed at your face instead of pointed your forehead or nose. You must place the computer or laptop at the exact angle. It is good to use an external camera and a laptop stand if it is possible for you.

  • Use virtual backgrounds for your video calls

You may use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds to cover up the mess in your surroundings. If you are going to attend a business video call from a place where the surrounding is messy, which may lead to more distractions. Zoom provides you a feature of using the virtual backgrounds to increase your experience in video calling. You may also use entertaining backgrounds to lessen up the pressure of meetings.

  • Always Look at the Camera instead of looking at yourself
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Always look at the camera while attending the video call. You should avoid staring at yourself during the video conferencing call. It is not easy to avoid stare yourself on the screen because everybody wishes to look at themselves to see how they appear to other participants on video conferencing calls. If you stare at the webcam, it will let you make eye contact with other participants of the meeting, So that a connection will be developed.

  • Try to use the feature of Beauty Filter in Zoom

Zoom offers you a beauty filter called “touch up my appearance” which helps you to appear superior while on video calls. Beauty filter will improve your skin texture that is provided by different social media applications. You can get a built-in feature called “touch up my appearance” to enhance your appearance while on a video call. But you must know that it does not change your appearance completely but only lighten your blemishes and dark spots and make your skin softer. You can turn on the beauty filter of Zoom by these steps:

  • Open the zoom application
  • Choose Settings
  • Click on video Settings in Settings
  • Lastly, turn on the option “touch up my appearance” 

The use of beauty filter and Virtual Background will make your video conferencing call great and boost up your experience.

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