Want to pursue B. Pharmacy in India? Read on!

Want to pursue B. Pharmacy in India? Read on!

A bachelor’s course in Pharmacy or B. Pharmacy can allow students to pursue a successful career in the medical and healthcare management industry. A B. Pharmacy degree can be the ideal career launcher for students aspiring to pursue their careers in the medical sector, pharmaceutical sector, biotechnology sector, pharmacological domain or clinical trials.

Pharmacy is one of the most renowned, desired professions in India with chances of further studies in the field. Hence, it can be beneficial to learn more about pharmaceutical courses and their career scope. Read this article to get all bachelor of pharmacy course details, the advantages of pursuing the course and the career prospects in the field.

What is the B. Pharmacy eligibility criteria in India?

B. Pharmacy eligibility criteria in India is the candidate must be able to produce the minimum marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths in class XII. A Bachelor of Pharmacy or B. Pharmacy degree covers the study of various chemical and medicinal drugs on the human body or animals. 

The course also concerns the study of the biological actions of these drugs, their biochemical structures, formulations, biochemistry, advantages and disadvantages. The average duration of the course lasts for about four years.

What are the benefits of pursuing a pharmacy course?

Here are the principal advantages of pursuing a pharmacy course after high school. 

  1. The course is an exciting way to integrate the interests of students, especially those who want to study scientific disciplines like Maths and Science. Subjects like epidemiology, chemistry, statistics, physics and biology can have many applications in pharmacy. Hence, the course can be an excellent fit for people interested in the subjects mentioned above.
  2. The vast diversity in the career pathways in the field can be yet another reason for choosing pharmacy. As a pharmacy graduate, you can choose to work in veterinary pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, clinical trials, drug development, vaccine development, pharmacology, healthcare trials and the medicinal sector.
  3. Pursuing pharmacy can help you build direct relationships with the patients and customers as pharmacy involves patient-centred care. This career can be an excellent alternative for those who love to mingle with people and serve others. Careers in pharmacy can also provide you with immense work satisfaction and a chance to give back to society.
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What is the career scope of a course in Pharmacy?

There are numerous career prospects in the field for students to explore. Pharmacists are one of the most readily available health care professionals after nurses and primary caregivers. Here is a brief list of different professions available with a degree in Pharmacy

  • Regulatory officers
  • Drug Technicians
  • Drug Sale Representatives
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing Agents
  • Drug Therapists
  • Pathological lab Technicians
  • Industrial Pharmacists
  • Drug Inspectors
  • Data Analysts

Apart from these roles, students can also explore a career in oncology pharmacy, forensic-pharmacy, and nutrition support. Enrol in a pharmacy course today to secure a brilliant job in the future.