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Water Audit Services- How does water Audit?

Water Audit Services- How does water Audit?

The principles of cost reduction in water bills are totally base on water audit services. It is a free of charge services and unique within the industry. Water-efficiency measures can reduce water and sewer costs by up to 30 percent using these audit services identified by professional and expert’s teams can significant savings in energy, chemical and maintenance expenses. Water Conservation Program provides water efficiency information which can incorporate water efficient retrofits and landscaping into business practices and homes and schools. Water audit services provide background information about the water conservation policy and its implications for business and person operations. These services describe the established conservation policies, identify the water efficiency coordinator, express full support for your conservation plan and give profitable response. Water Audit Services are provided with the dual intention of reducing the water bills and reducing water wastage thereby reducing the burden on precious water resources on which every one of us are heavily dependent on. These services are aimed at authorities and the end users to ensure that relevant processes are defined to continually assess the various aspects of water chain comprising treatment, pumping, transportation, supply and usage. Water audit services are provided for the following sectors and more:

  • Water Supply Departments
  • Irrigation Departments
  • Industries
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Residential communities
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals

The three major reasons of water efficiency are reduce your water consumption; repair leaks and drips; and, retrofit by replacing old, less water-efficient fixtures with new water-saving devices. So, how can you identify where and how much water is used in your home or business? By conducting a water audit. The purpose of an audit is to find out how and where water is being used in your home, and then identify opportunities for reducing your water use. The basic water audit includes the following information:


  • Inventory of all water-using fixtures and equipment in the intended area
  • Number of toilets and flush volumes
  • Number of faucets for hand washing only and flow rate
  • Faucets for bucket filling x flow rate
  • Non-standard toilets/equipment (odd shape, height, special use)
  • Make, model, serial number and age of fixtures and equipment
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Details- Any leaks discovered during the audit (include flow rate of leak if possible – drips per minute or volume per minute), fire hose locations, Locations of fixtures, observations (most popular washroom, recently renovated etc.), how often each fixture is used, any room not included and why (access, safety, under construction etc.), anything that may change (temporary locations), etc.
The major goal of a Water Audit services is to get an accurate quantity of water to the user.

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