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Wedding Ideas and Favors that Your Guests Will Love

Wedding Ideas

Creative wedding ideas are a long tradition that many brides want to have as part of their wedding. It’s a small way to let guests know how much it meant to you that they were there to celebrate your big day. If you have a medium or large wedding, buying favours for each guest can be quite expensive. Here are some ideas for the wedding ideas that will not break the bank, but will still be something that your guests will love with best wedding decorations.
There is a great mix of wedding gifts for the home, such as candles and flower seeds, as well as edible favours such as doughnuts or custom spice mixtures.

Magical Lighting
Adequate lighting is key to an evening and outdoor parties. Consider strings of soft lights mixed with large hanging bulbs to get a charming look that everyone will love. This wedding decoration idea is very unique and your guests will love it.

Include Children Activities
Another wonderful wedding idea is to consider the children who will attend the wedding party. Print fun wedding-related colouring cards and place crayons at the children’s table to keep them engaged. If the location allows, you can also play cool games or swings.

The backdrop for Perfect Picture
A blackboard with funny props can be the perfect way to get married and guests to capture the eccentric, loving moments of a special day. The bride and groom can initiate the action and show everyone how to do it. People love to take pictures in this modern age and this is one of the perfect wedding decorations you can give to your guests.

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Special Touches
Add a special touch around the place to enjoy the guests. Flower arrangements from a birdcage can brighten your gift table. Rolled up blankets in a tin bucket is a nice gift for guests at an outdoor party.

Sweet Seating Directions
The smart way to get guests to their assigned places is to take advantage of favours. Place a bright sign with clear directions, attach a card with guest names and the appropriate table number to the gift. Arrange them in alphabetical order to facilitate the process for your wedding decorations.

Add a Water or Fountain Feature
A nice addition to the entrance to the reception will be a fountain. It can even be small that you have at home that sits on the table. The sound of the water fountain is so refreshing and it would be nice for guests to listen to it because they can finally relax at the reception. This is another unique wedding idea to double the beauty of your wedding.

Display Your Engagement Photos
Your guests will be happy to view your engagement photos on your wedding day to add more to your wedding decorations, and your party is the perfect place to view them. In fact, your party may be the only place where some of your guests will see your engagement photos. And when you’re with him, bring your favourite photos with you and your future spouse to show them at the reception. If you’re not sure if you want to display them in frames or a collage, consider creating a slide show for entertainment at the reception.

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Use White Lights
Many people use white light all year round on the back porches as a simple and elegant decoration. These lights can be a great wedding idea and beautiful addition to any place of the wedding. They can be hung from the ceiling, around tables, around a cake or in pots. If you don’t want to use white light, consider lanterns instead.

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