What Are Sleeve Bearings And How To Ensure Their Proper Maintenance?

What Are Sleeve Bearings And How To Ensure Their Proper Maintenance?

In the industries where pieces of machinery are bread and butter, the need for lubricating tools and equipment is dire. The reason being, they provide extensive protection and help to keep wear and tear at bay. That’s where the role of bronze sleeve bearings enters into the scene.

Sleeve bearings, also known as bushings, journals, or plain bearings, are made of metal, plastic, or fibre-reinforced composites. The fact that they lessen vibration and noise by absorbing friction makes them one of the finest resources to bring utter smoothness in industrial processes. To have a complete grasp of their purpose and significance in modern technical operations, here is everything you need to know about.

A-List Benefits Of Sleeve Bearings

Sleeve bearings serve multiple purposes at the same time. Though they are made of distinguished materials, bronze bearings are common in use and have been providing satisfactory performance for a long time. Available in either flanged or cylindrical shapes, they offer the following list of benefits – 

  • Eliminates the need for extra oiling and grooving 
  • Reduces running cost of machinery with maintenance-free features
  • Saving the cost of bearings’ maintenance by solving the issue of oiling operation
  • Provides simplified and economical machine designs
  • Reduce housing dimensions and weight with its thin wall section
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Tips To Ensure Proper Maintenance Of Sleeve Bearings

Sleeve bearings are indispensable mechanical parts that aim to make the manufacturing process of industries smooth and efficient. This being the reason, it is vital to keep them well-maintained and operational throughout. Here’s how one can do it.

1. Make Sure To Handle Them With Care

The person-in-charge of the industry ought to store bearings with utmost care. The prerequisites to store them include a clean, dry, and dust-free environment. One should know that exposing them to dust can lead to the premature failure of lubricated bronze sleeve bearings.

2. Opt For The Right Bearing Design 

As already mentioned, sleeve bearings are available in two significant shapes, that is flanged and cylindrical; the choice of a particular type of shape becomes a principal factor. Ensure that the selected bearing design is able to withstand the load that it is being applied to. This helps to prevent the scope of bearing failure, ultimately resulting in the consistent and smooth operation of a technical process.

3. Check For Correct Mountings of Bearings

Bronze sleeve bearings can be of great advantage if mounts correctly. Though the mounting of bearings depends on the shape, it is necessary to apply pressure with press-fit to not let the raceways get damaged. 

4. Prevent Preheating or Overheating Of Bearings

Sleeve bearings or any type of bearings cannot be heated over the required limit, that is, heating treatment of the material. Otherwise, this may soften or deform the bearings, leading to a loss in its load capacity. It is why one should harness induction heaters in lieu of open flame to heat the bearings.

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5. Avoid Exposing It To Water For a Long Time

To not let bearings get corroded or fail due to rust, the industries ought to avoid its exposure to water for a long time. This will eliminate the chance of premature failure of bearings, thus making it fit to present state-of-the-art performance and productivity. 

6. Have A Squint At Housing And Shaft

Before the bearings are used in mounting, the person-in-charge should inspect the housing and shaft for physical damage, if any. Moreover, it is also suggested to clean the surfaces with a soft cloth.

Bottom Line

It is evident from the aforesaid facts that bronze sleeve bearings play the lion’s share in the free and efficient movement of mechanical parts used in manufacturing industries. In the absence of bearings, the parts will malfunction due to extensive friction, thus causing failures in the overall process. Thus, to bring into being the best side of sleeve bearings, it is necessary to follow the maintenance schedule.